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Financial Education Materials

Educating our communities

COUNTRY Financial® is proud to provide helpful information about money to children, young adults, teachers and parents.

Money Matters

Educating young people about money is important for their financial future and the future of our communities. The information in our materials allows young people to make more informed choices and be better able to pursue their dreams.

Teachers or parents can download these materials below, order materials for free, or request to have a representative present the lesson in your classroom. Contact COUNTRY Financial for more information.

Topics Download Materials Now
Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

What money looks like, how much things cost, earning money, smart spending and saving

Grades 3 – 6

Budgeting, goal setting, banking, and saving for the future


Middle School

Budgeting, banking, credit fundamentals, saving and investing

High School

Banking, budgeting, credit, investing, and risk management

Young Adult

Career planning, managing debt and how to transition from high school to college and beyond