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Risk Assessment

Take the "Asset Allocation Quiz" below to get a start in the right direction.

While this may not be a definitive answer for how to invest your money, it may get you started in the right direction. Remember that the allocation suggested is only an example of the type of diversification that may be right for you. The final decision of which investment option to select is based on your individual situation and the specific investment product you choose.

Once you complete the “Asset Allocation Quiz,” we’ve illustrated six hypothetical diversified asset allocation portfolios that cover a wide range of investment objectives and risk tolerances. Essentially, asset allocation involves dividing an investment portfolio between asset classes in a way that provides the best potential return based on the given risk you’re willing to accept. As an example, by strategically combining mutual funds investing in fixed income securities with mutual funds investing in equity securities, you can potentially benefit from diversification and the individual strengths of each asset class.

While asset allocation and diversification can be useful tools to help manage risk, they won’t ensure a profit or guarantee against loss. For a more detailed explanation, check out how this Tool works.