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Where The Kids Are Playing

What you see as your farm, children may see as their playground. Use these tips to help your kids play it smart and safe on the farm or ranch.

Establish a safe place to play

Protect your kids from the daily hazards of farm and ranch life. This area should be:

  • Away from driveways, roads, and buildings
  • Known as the only area to play in
  • Free of broken and unsafe equipment
  • A place they will enjoy and use
Teach your kids to respect farm animals

What child doesn’t love animals, especially the cute baby ones? Keep in mind, however, those animals can bite, trample, or stomp. Children need to be taught how to handle and work around animals to lessen the chance of an accident. Teach your children how to respect all animals, as this could possibly save them from unnecessary harm.

Don’t allow your children to play on farm vehicles

Children are fascinated with vehicles and farm equipment. But this natural curiosity can lead to accidents. To protect your kids:

  • Do not allow them to ride or play on tractors or other pieces of farm machinery
  • Remove the ignition keys from parked equipment and lock the brakes
  • Lock self-propelled machinery
  • Leave front-end loader buckets and other such equipment in the down position
Your kids will enjoy Reddy on the Farm

Reddy on the Farm is an activity book for young kids. It teaches farm safety with puzzles, mazes and other fun activities. To learn more, see Free Materials.

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