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Kids' Vehicle Safety

Your kids are important to you and you want to protect them at all times. You will go to great lengths to ensure they’re safe from anything that could harm them. We can help you keep your kids safe when riding in or playing near a vehicle.

Always use child safety seats

Did you know that improperly installed car child safety seats and booster seats are just as dangerous as not putting your child into a car seat? The best child safety seat is the one that:

  • Fits your child's size
  • Is correctly installed
  • Is used properly every time you drive

When shopping for a safety seat, keep the following in mind:

  • Price does not determine if one car safety seat or booster seat is safer than another one. All new car safety seats available for sale in the United States must meet government safety standards.
  • Only purchase new, unused child safety seats.
  • When you find a seat you like, try it out. Put your child in it and adjust the straps and fasteners.
  • Keep in mind that pictures or displays of car safety seats may not show them being used the correct way.
  • Make sure the car seat or booster seat fits properly and securely in your car.
  • Find the nearest certified child safety seat technicians to make sure your car seat is properly installed.

Where are your kids?

While it may seem like a game to kids, playing in or around a vehicle isn’t funny. Did you know it’s just as dangerous to leave a child alone in or around a vehicle as it is to leave him or her near a body of water? Your life can change in seconds.

Be aware of what could happen if you have unattended kids in or near your vehicle:

  • Temperatures inside a vehicle can either fall or rise to fatal levels.
  • A vehicle can be set in motion by a child, even when it isn’t running.
  • Kids can lean on the power window up-switch and close the window on himself or herself.
  • Vehicles backing out of the drive may injure a child who’s playing behind the vehicle, out of view.

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