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Safety Articles

Your family's safety is serious business.

Every day, we settle claims and witness the important role safety plays in our lives. Using that experience, we’ve identified keys to help you better protect your family, property and possessions. 

Defensive Driving

Protect your precious cargo while traveling with these defensive driving tips.

Kids' Vehicle Safety

Whether your children are in or near a vehicle, safety precautions are a must. Use our tips to help prevent injuries and accidents.

Seasonal Driving Tips

Each time of year brings a different set of road hazards. Knowing what to look out for can make a big difference in driving safe. 

Teen Driving Safety

We've got resources to help you educate your teen driver on risky driving behavior and important ways to stay safe on the road.

Safety For Holidays

Holidays year-round come with unique sets of safety issues. As you're getting ready for your next celebration, here are some things to think about.

Home Security

Taking these security precautions can help lower the risk of a home break-in.

Fire Protection

Use our fire protection tips to educate you, and your family, on how to help prevent a home fire.

Seasonal Safety Tips

Whatever the time of year, play it safe with these seasonal home precautions.

When Driving In The Country

These driving tips for farmers can help prevent rural road accidents.

Where The Kids Are Playing

Use these tips to help your kids play it smart and safe on the farm or ranch.

Weather Emergency Safety

Weather emergencies can happen. Take these steps to help prepare yourself if they do.

Wildfire Safety

Wildfires are unpredictable. Being prepared for the unexpected is your best protection.

Earthquake Safety

Earthquakes strike without warning, so taking precautions now can help prevent accidents and injuries if you experience one.


We understand farming is a dangerous job and want to help you make your farm a safer place.