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Investing your money doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

COUNTRY Financial® has tools and resources to help you navigate this area of the financial arena with confidence.

The Truth about IRAs

Are you thinking about retirement? Maybe it's time you knew the truth about IRAs.

Changes in Your Life: Say "I Don't" to Financial Secrets

New couples often spend many hours talking about just about everything - except money. Here are a few tips to get the conversation going.

Balancing Investment Goals

The path to success starts by determining your investment objective, be it capital preservation, targeted results, or market-beating returns - or a combination that balances more than one of these. Once you plan a portfolio that furthers your goals, be prepared to stay on plan, despite short-term disappointments.

3 Unique Ways to Invest

An important part of a tangible financial security plan includes making wise investment decisions with your money. No matter from where you're starting, COUNTRY Financial® offers investment options to help you achieve your future goals.

Common Investment Mistakes

When you're investing for your retirement, you want to be sure you accumulate enough so that your retirement years are comfortable and enjoyable. If you make too many errors in judgment, you could jeopardize your future financial security.

Investing Rules for All Seasons

Very often, the wealth of advice and information available anytime from a variety of mediums is heavy on market and economic detail, but light on important principles that can make a difference in your portfolio's long-term growth. The following rules focus on the important principle category.

Our Investment Philosophy

At COUNTRY Financial®, we understand that financial security includes both insurance and investments.

Why Stick by Your Investment Plan

The stock market goes through rough stretches...and those rough stretches might leave your portfolio looking a bit haggard. Before you think about giving up your investment plan, however, consider some of the consequences.