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Choosing the Right Home Insurance Coverage

Whether you are a homeowner, condominium owner, renter, or landlord, you'll get quality coverage and affordable rates from COUNTRY Financial®.

Insurance for homeowners
  • If you own a home, our homeowners insurance will help cover what you need to protect. It covers your home and auxiliary private structures (like garages and storage sheds), personal belongings, liability exposures, and more.
Insurance for condominium unit owners
  • Condominium owners are usually required to have condo insurance. State law and the condo ownership contract or association agreement will often specify for what you are responsible.

    This normally includes personal liability, personal property, and any additions, alterations, or improvements that become part of your unit. Our condo insurance provides protection in each of these areas.
Insurance for renters
  • When you rent, you still need protection for your personal belongings and personal liability.

    Our renters insurance provides that for you – and if you only need a basic policy, you can even add rental insurance as an optional coverage to your COUNTRY Financial auto policy (not available in IA, MO, MN, ND, or WI).
Insurance for rental property owners
  • If you’re a landlord or own vacation property that you rent out, Home Protector coverage can be added to your COUNTRY Financial home insurance policy.

    Coverage is available for one-, two-, and three-unit rental properties and includes protection for your personal liability, dwelling, outbuildings, and lost income. It even provides limited coverage for your personal property items in the rental building. (Three-unit coverage is not available in all states.)
Read on to see what our COUNTRY Financial home insurance policy covers:
  • Helps protects you if a third party is injured on your property or you are responsible for damages to someone else’s property
  • Coverage for defense costs if you are sued for damages covered by your policy
  • You choose your coverage limit (up to $1,000,000)
  • Consider an umbrella liability insurance policy if you need higher limits of liability coverage
  • Optional liability coverages (for in-home businesses, recreational motor vehicles, watercraft, rental dwellings, etc.) are also available at additional cost
Medical payments
  • Coverage for others’ medical costs if they are injured
  • You choose the coverage limit (up to $25,000)
Home and personal property
  • Premier coverage (risk of direct physical loss)

-Our best coverage that most homeowners do not have - it provides protection for both your home and personal property for direct loss from all causes except those specifically excluded in the policy.

It provides coverage for everything that Broad Form Coverage (described below) covers, plus things like countertop burns, paint spillage, and power surge damage to electronics.

Many companies do not offer this coverage on personal property.

  • Combination coverage

- Provides Premier Coverage on your home and Broad Form coverage on your personal property (only available on homeowners policies)

  • Broad form coverage

- Provides coverage for losses from the causes specifically listed in your policy (fire or lightning, windstorm or hail, vandalism, theft, etc.)

Optional home and personal property coverage (at additional cost)
  • Identity theft coverage
  • Replacement cost coverage on personal property
  • Special personal property increased coverage
  • Earthquake protection
  • Sump pump failure and/or back-up of sewer or drain
  • Inflation protection
  • Mine subsidence
  • Physical damage coverage on recreational motor vehicles and watercraft
  • Loss assessments from a homeowners or condo association
Replacement cost coverage (available on qualifying homes)
  • Additional replacement cost

- Pays full replacement cost of your home, even if the amount of loss is greater than the limits on your policy (up to a maximum of 125% in AL, GA and TN)

- We are one of only a few companies to offer this coverage

  • Extended replacement cost

- Pays full replacement cost of your home, up to 120% of the limits in your policy

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