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Insurance coverage isn’t just for your car and home.

COUNTRY Financial® can also help you protect your pets, your identity, and your legacy.

Hidden Costs of Cheap Insurance

Proceed with caution if an insurance company promises to save you 40% on your auto insurance. If you pay 40% less, be prepared to get 40% less.

Renting vs Owning When it Comes to Life Insurance

It's important to have life insurance, and it may be just as important to know what kind of life insurance is best for you. This may help make things clearer for you.

Living Benefits of Life Insurance

You don't have to die to take advantage of the benefits of life insurance.

Pet Insurance

We've teamed with Hartville Pet Insurance GroupSMto bring you trusted pet protection for your best friend.

Stay-at-Home Parents Need Life Insurance, too

The loss of a stay-at-home parent would be emotionally devastating and could put the family's financial security at risk.

New Car...New Savings!

When you buy a new model year car or truck, you can drive away with up to 10% off the cost to insure it.

Test Your Home Insurance Know-How!

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or shopping for your first house, knowing your insurance coverage is more important than you might think.

Condo Insurance

Putting a hole in your the wall of your neighbor's condo is a bad way to see the holes in your condo coverage.

Understanding Health Care Benefits Gets Easier

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has a lot of people scratching their heads, partly because of the sheer size of it – well over 2,000 pages. It’s no surprise we’re confused.

What would you miss the most?

If you weren’t here tomorrow, you’d miss a lot – like your first family vacation and hearing the words “I love you.” What you may miss most, however, is that you wouldn’t be there to protect your family.

Renters Insurance

Is your stuff covered? How would you afford replacing your stuff if something happened to it?

10 Tips for Your New Car

There’s nothing like a new car – the dazzling shine, the new-car smell, the awesome sound system as you cruise to your favorite tunes. Could it get any better? Actually, it can!

Keeping Auto Insurance Premiums Down for Teens

Rates for teen drivers are higher than any other age group. There are many ways in which a parent or young driver can pay less for insurance.

Selecting the Right Auto Insurance Coverage

It may be tempting to get a bargain-basement quote from an online auto insurance company; however, buying a "one-size-fits-all" policy - without sitting down with a qualified professional - is taking a big risk.

4 Myths about Life Insurance

The best way to find the right solutions for your needs is to talk to an expert. Misunderstanding life insurance often prevents young families - who need this protection the most - from purchasing the life insurance they need.

Choosing the Right Home Insurance Coverage

Whether you are a homeowner, condominium owner, renter, or landlord, you'll get quality coverage and affordable rates from COUNTRY Financial®.

Know What You Own - Keep a Household Inventory

Disaster can strike at any time. Without warning, you could lose the things that mean most to you...that's why it's important to protect you and your family's financial security by having a household inventory.

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

When you are born, you're given a name which not only has meaning for you and your family, it also establishes your identity. Unfortunately, your name and identity are equally important to criminals who seek to take advantage of both.

The Facts about Auto Insurance

You travel everywhere in your vehicle. Without the proper coverage, you could end up paying out-of-pocket for damages if an accident occurred. Worse, what if you were sued for injuries?

What to Consider when Purchasing Home Insurance

In addition to decisions involving interior design and landscaping, there are many other things to consider when you purchase a home. What kind of improvements will be made in the future? What work needs to be done immediately? Most importantly, how can your home and its contents be adequately protected?

Insure Your Love

You do so many things out of love for your family, and it shows. However, what if something happened to you? How would your family know you loved them?

Engaged Couples Discount

Is auto insurance on your pre-wedding checklist? With so much to do for your big day, it's hard to find the time to plan for much else. Getting married is a major life change, so there are other things that should be considered before saying "I do."

Protect Your Financial Security with Disability Income Insurance

Ensure you and your family's financial future is secure. Imagine how dramatically your life would change if suddenly you were unable to earn a paycheck due to a disabling injury or illness.

Getting Married Requires Talking about Insurance

Have you and your partner talked about money? It can become a source of conflict for newlyweds if they don't have similar expectations.

Prepare for Life's Storms with Umbrella Insurance

Today, people are pursuing liability claims and courts are awarding expensive verdicts at an alarming rate.

Prevent Vehicle Theft

Just because you're at home and your car is in the driveway doesn't necessarily mean you're free from risk. It's not uncommon for vehicle thefts to occur at home.

Renters Insurance - Get the Facts

You have just arrived home after a hard day at work. As you attempt to unlock the door, you realize it's not locked. As you open the door and step inside, you're filled with disbelief, as your furniture, television, computer, and many other personal belongings are all gone. You've been robbed...and you don't have insurance.

Protect Your Family's Future with Life Insurance

Your family is worth the financial security and peace of mind life insurance offers. Would your family have the financial resources to maintain their standard of living if something happened to you?

What Would a Mom's "Help Wanted" Ad Say?

Could your family survive financially if your CFO was suddenly out of the picture?

The Facts about Long Term Care Insurance

Planning for long term care is not something to put off. If someone in your family ever needs long term care services, it will be important to have a solution to help keep your financial security plan on track.

Customize Your Disability Policy

We understand that "cookie cutter" plans don't work for everyone. COUNTRY Financial® offers a variety of options on our disability income policies. You can pick the options to customize a plan that works for you.

Customizing Your Long Term Care Insurance

Planning for long term care is an important part of your overall financial picture. COUNTRY Life Insurance Company® offers a variety of options and coverage on our long term care insurance so you can build a personalized policy that helps meet your family's financial security goals.

Get to Know Your Auto Insurance Policy

While everyone understands the importance of auto insurance, it's equally important to understand your insurance coverage. The following information should help you better understand what is available and what you need.

Insurance Made Easy

Everyone has questions about insurance. It can be complex and difficult to understand. Here are answers to many common questions. Answers will vary or differ based on your individual situation, your insurance company, and your insurance policy.

Is your home underinsured?

Losing a home can be absolutely devastating. Unfortunately, many people discover too late they don't have enough insurance coverage.

The Facts about Disability Income Insurance

Most of us would have a difficult time paying the mortgage and keeping up with other bills without a steady paycheck, which is why it is so important to be prepared in case your paycheck stops coming.

The Facts about Home Insurance

Home insurance is a central part of your overall financial security. You want to protect the things that are important to you, like your home and possessions. Without the right coverage, however, you may be surprised how much it takes to replace what you lost.

The Facts about Term Life Insurance

Term life provides valuable life insurance coverage for the length of time you choose. Younger people and families just starting out generally have the greatest need for life insurance - and the least amount of money to spend on it. Term insurance can provide the affordable protection you need.

The Facts about Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is permanent life insurance protection that builds cash value and, unlike traditional whole life insurance, it offers great flexibility when it comes to your premiums and death benefit.

The Facts about Whole Life Insurance

If something happens to you, it's important that your family be well taken care of, and whole life insurance is a great solution to help ensure your family's financial security.

What You'll Get with Identity Theft Coverage from COUNTRY Financial®

Identity Theft and Advocacy Service coverage on your home, condominium, renters, or farm policy can help you avoid ID theft hardships and recover quickly from a stolen identity - and it adds just $25 to your annual premium.

Protect Your New Car with The Keeper

The Keeper® is specially designed for people who want to protect the value of their new or late-model cars.