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Financial Security Articles

Smart investing takes planning and information.

COUNTRY Financial® is here to help with guidance and resources that can make the investment world less intimidating.

Teach your children how to save, share, and spend with our new app

ChorePal is a family focused app that helps
your kids save, spend, or share their money while teaching them the value of a dollar and the satisfaction of a job well done. 

How Life Choices Affect Your Financial Future

How you choose to live your life impacts your financial security. If you want a more secure future – and who doesn’t – take a close look at the choices you make. Positive changes now could significantly improve your financial future.

A Two-Minute Economics Course

With the economy being a hot topic these days, being familiar with some basic facts about the U.S. economy may prove to be helpful to get a better grasp on what’s happening, and what may happen in the future.

Six Steps of Investing

The first step to investing is to take the first step. If you haven't already mapped out a strategy for investing, there's no better time than now.

Early retirement buyout: Should you take it or leave it?

An early retirement can be an excellent opportunity or a long-term problem – it all depends on if you can make it fit well into your plans.

A Market Cycle Primer

The markets are unpredictable. The more you understand how market cycles work, the better you can adapt to changes.

Risk and Investing

Everyone defines risk differently. Educate yourself on financial risk to be better prepared when financial opportunities present themselves.

A Sensible Approach

It could pay to stay invested. It's common to be tempted to sell during market drops. Here's why you may want to stay put.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Nobody is sure what the market will do. Here's how dollar cost averaging can help take the guesswork out of investing.

Rebalance Your Investment Portfolio

Have you reviewed your portfolio recently? Your investments may need a readjustment. Here are some tips to help stay in balance.

The ABCs of Bonds

Should bonds be part of your investment portfolio?Learn about the basics of bonds and the different options available in the marketplace.

Your Investment Portfolio

It may not pay to put all of your eggs into just one basket. Here are some tips on diversifying your portfolio, and how to get started.

Emotion vs. Reason

Market changes can be stressful for investors. When the market gets chaotic, here is some guidance on staying calm and making rational decisions.

Your Retirement Time Horizon

The earlier you begin saving, the better prepared you will be. These tips are tailored to the various stages of life you'll go through, and the retirement strategies you may want to consider for each one.

Money Matters

You need to be prepared for whatever comes your way in life. An emergency fund can help.

Looking Out for Your Future

If you become sick or injured and couldn't work, you may have to live without a paycheck for a while. Planning ahead with disability income insurance can help you feel secure that you'll still have income if that happens.

Summer Fun

You can have a great summer without breaking the bank. Check out our 10 suggestions to help make summer a blast.

Summer Activities

Summer Fun = $16.6 billion. Keeping your kids occupied through the summer can be costly. Take a look these tips to help curb your summer spending.

10 Ways to Take Charge of Your Family's Financial Security

Financial security means something different for everyone; however, one thing remains constant - with the right guidance, almost any family can achieve it.

How to Define Your Financial Security Goals

Only you can define what makes you feel financially secure. By reviewing your insurance policies and overall financial situation during an Insurance and Financial Review, COUNTRY Financial® can help make sure you're financially secure today and tomorrow.

Life Happens

Big changes in your life often call for immediate adjustments to your financial security plan.

Put Our Experience and Financial Strength to Work for You

There's no escaping today's dismal economic news. It seems that we hear daily about unemployment, scandals, and bankruptcies. While other organizations are struggling to regain their footing, COUNTRY Financial® is standing strong, as it has since 1925.

The Value of an Insurance and Financial Review

Most people aren't experts in every aspect of their financial security, so a financial security plan can easily have gaps and weaknesses. Put simply, what you don't know or understand about your financial affairs could hurt you and your family.

What's your idea of financial security?

Your financial security is important. You want to know what it takes to achieve your financial security; however, figuring everything out yourself may take more time than you have.

Pay Your Bill Online

72% of our clients prefer to pay online. If you pay any bills online, then you already know how easy and time-saving it is. That's why COUNTRY Financial® now offers online bill pay for even more of our products!

8 Habits of Financially Secure People

Achieving financial security has never been simple. During an economic downturn, achieving financial security can be especially difficult. These guidelines can help keep your future financial security from taking a nosedive in good economic times - andbad.

What's on our financial scorecard?

COUNTRY Financial® has focused on long-term financial growth since we started business as a fire and lightning insurance company in 1925. We have avoided major difficulties experienced by many other businesses because we take a conservative approach to investing.

Why Choose COUNTRY

Since 1925, COUNTRY Financial® has been putting our experience and financial strength to work for our clients. We are committed to helping people achieve financial security, no matter from where they're starting.

Web Marketing For Your Business

Business owners now have so many innovative ways to promote their products. Take a quick look at some of the ways you can utilize web marketing.

CSA programs “Open The Farm Gate”

Two years ago, Greg & Mariah Anderson[1]
decided to take a chance on a new venture. They own Triple M Farm: Mariah’s Mums & More. Their venture? They became the first farm in Dewitt County, IL to offer their own community supported agriculture (CSA) program.





Mariah Anderson is employed by CCSI.

Average Cost of Chores for Children

The value of a dollar can be a hard concept for children to grasp. When it comes to finances, kids tend to think big and beyond reality. However, the real world is not a fantasy full of ponies and monster trucks.


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