Valerie Hawkins

I'm a multi-tasking, fun-loving, mother of two. When I'm not chugging espresso, I'm doing Pinterest-inspired home improvement projects with my hubby or watching the World Champion Chicago Cubs.

I own every Nancy Drew book, and would like to thank that chic sleuth for my love of mysteries, community service, and pencil skirts. In another life, I'm positive I was an uber savvy detective who could wear the heck out of aviators. But I fully embrace the moderately cool writer I am in this life.

Yes, laughter IS the best medicine. But close seconds are:

  •     Taylor Swift jam sessions
  •     Chocolate + peanut butter    
  •     Anything with a floral print

I'm a sucker for celebrations of all kinds: birthdays, weddings, finding my minivan in the parking lot without using the panic button - you name it. I believe you can find a reason to celebrate every day. It’s worth it, even if you have to search a little.

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