Ryan Blesse

By day, Ryan is a Marketing Compliance Specialist and COUNTRY Connect contributor. By night, he enjoys reading, writing, blogging, wandering the world with his husband, introverting, and discussing politics and current events with his feline friend, Grizabella. 

He does not have much enthusiasm for sportsball. For example, fellow contributor Christy McFarland had to explain to him that rugby was, in fact, not lacrosse on a horse. Although it was the worst news he received in 2016, he now feels it is his personal responsibility to create the sport that is lacrosse on a horse (Lacr-horse?).

Ryan's favorite things about working at COUNTRY Financial are the people he works with and the company’s support and openness to creativity (and for letting a compliance guy write every once in a while). 

COUNTRY Financial® is the marketing name for the COUNTRY Financial family of affiliated companies (collectively, COUNTRY), which include COUNTRY Life Insurance Company®, COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company®, and their respective subsidiaries, located in Bloomington, Illinois.