4 Tips to Lower Your Car Insurance

by Valerie Hawkins

I’m always looking for creative ways to save money. I use coupon apps, I browse clearance racks, and I’m not afraid to put my bargain face on at garage sales.

But being a money-savvy shopper is not the only way to save. You can take simple steps every day to pinch a penny here and there.

Take your car insurance, for example. Here are four simple tips that may help you save money on your car insurance.

1. Lighten up your lead foot

It’s not just accidents that can lead to increased car insurance rates. If your lead foot leads to a ticket, that can make those costs jump, too. So avoid putting the pedal to the metal to keep your rates from skyrocketing.

2. Keep your credit score off the naughty list

A credit score in good standing can help auto rates stay low. Pay your bills on time and check for sketchy activity on your credit history often. Access your credit history for free at www.annualcreditreport.com

3. Make and model matter

Luxurious, sporty cars and newer-model cars are expensive to fix, so they cost more to insure. On the other hand, cars with high safety ratings don’t just give you peace of mind on the road, they help keep your insurance rates low, too.

Next time you’re car-shopping, check the insurance rates on the make and model of the car you're buying.  It could have a big impact on your rates.

4. Bundle up

Many insurance providers offer discounts when you insure multiple cars, or when you insure both your home and car together. Be sure to talk to your agent about other discounts, like taking a defensive driving class, being a good student, or having a certain career.

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