12 Ways to Prepare Your Farm for Bad Weather

by Valerie Hawkins

Severe weather like tornados, flooding, droughts and wildfires can all take a toll on your farming operation. So, before bad weather hits, make sure you take these simple steps to prepare.

Take inventory

  • Know exactly what’s on your farm and where it’s located. Pro tip: Photos are a great way to inventory your belongings!
  • Mark animals so they can easily be returned if lost.
  • Move animals, feed, pesticides and equipment to higher ground in case of flooding.
  • Stock up on extra farm supplies like fresh water and livestock feed.

Prepare employees

  • Review emergency escape routes for each building. Keep in mind your emergency plan might differ depending on the event (tornado, flood, fire, etc.)
  • Document procedures to account for all employees.
  • Create an emergency contact list for owners, employees, family members, and suppliers.
  • Assign different roles and responsibilities to each employee, like who is responsible for taking care of livestock, moving equipment, or calling emergency contacts.

Check equipment

  • Make sure generators are in working order.
  • Turn off propane supply at tanks and close any open chemical containers.

Check insurance protection

  • Meet with your insurance rep to ensure everything you own is properly protected.
  • Discuss process for filing a claim if disaster strikes.

You may not be able to stop bad weather from striking, but these steps can help you feel more prepared.

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