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Back-to-school during a pandemic

This year’s back-to-school season has given parents a whole new meaning to time and money management. We’re here to help with budgeting tools and affordable family activity ideas. 

Listening to you

Parents are juggling their work meetings with their kids’ e-learning schedule. And in our most recent survey1, we found parents are struggling with back-to-school financial challenges, as well. 

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Unexpected costs

51% of parents have financial concerns with extra food, childcare, technology and internet costs.  

Changed work schedules

21% of parents have had to change or reduce work hours. 8% had to leave a job altogether. 

Delayed monthly payments

27% of parents have had to delay paying rent, credit card bills, auto insurance bills or retirement contributions. 

Start with your budget

If you have unplanned back-to-school costs, use this calculator to help you identify which expenses to cut.  

Cut the costs. Not the fun.

Here are simple and affordable ways to bring joy into your home.  

Fostering imagination

Your kids’ world has been rocked. Give them permission to dream again with these 5 simple ideas. 

5 fun activities on a dime

Looking for stuff to do at home without spending too much money? Check out these fun family activities! 

Let's prepare for your future together

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1The COUNTRY Financial Security Index® survey of 1030 U.S. adults, fielded by market researcher Ipsos.