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A decision this important deserves close scrutiny.

Choosing someone to invest your money for you is an important decision, and not one to be taken lightly. Take a look at what a Vision Account has to offer you.

Vision Account

Intro to Vision Accounts

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth, so choosing an investment manager isn’t a decision to be made lightly.

With a long history of investing our clients’ money, we’d like the opportunity to talk to you about how a Vision managed account could meet your investment management needs.

Vision is the top investment management service in our Journey Series. It’s for individuals and businesses with a minimum investment of $1 million. With a Vision managed account, you’ll get an investment portfolio designed just for you. Based on your situation, the following types of investments may be used  to build that portfolio: stocks, bonds, no-load mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), CDs, and your existing marketable securities (if applicable).

When we’re done, you’ll have a true portfolio, not just a collection of investments. The difference is subtle, but very important.

Each investment in your Vision portfolio is chosen to play a specific role that collectively provides diversification, liquidity, and return potential – all based on your specified risk tolerance, time horizon and objectives.

How it works

Because your Vision managed account is built around you, we work to thoroughly understand your objectives, what you want – and what you don’t want. Specifically, we’ll talk about your:

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Risk Tolerance

This will help ensure you don’t assume too much or too little risk.

Time Horizon

We need to determine how long you’ll be investing. Tied to your risk tolerance, the longer you have to invest, the more aggressive you can generally afford to be.

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Cash Needs

For example, if you think you’ll need some or all of the money by a certain date, or you’d like to schedule distributions on a regular basis.

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Tax Status

Tax status, because the more money you have, the more complicated your tax picture.

After our in-depth discussion, we’ll establish an individual portfolio based on your goals and the information you provide.

What’s in it for you?

Your Vision managed account comes with a lot of perks. Here are some to note:

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Team of experts working for you

You’ll have a team of experts taking care of your account, including:

  • Your portfolio manager, who invests and manages your money
  • Your administrator, who addresses the technical aspects of your account
  • Your COUNTRY Financial® representative, who’s your local, go-to contact
  • When appropriate, advanced planners who can work with your attorney and/or accountant
Customized portfolio

Your portfolio is customized, with investments individually selected based on your preferences and specifications.

Stocks, mutual funds and other securities used in your portfolio are approved by a team of our investment pros. For stocks, each member of our investment area follows a specific industry (like utilities or technology) and makes buy, hold, and sell recommendations based on their industry expertise.

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Direct access to decision-makers

When you have a Vision account, you have access to your portfolio manager so you can truly understand the investment decisions we are making and how they can be better for your investment strategy.

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Tax status

When selecting investments, we consider how well the account type matches up with your tax status.

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You don’t have to handle paperwork

We collect income from your investments, monitor changes, and make sure all your assets work for you. And, our comprehensive record keeping gives you one report so you don’t have to track your investments for tax purposes.

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Additions and withdrawals are allowed at any time, although withdrawals from some retirement plans may result in taxes, fees and penalties.

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Incentive to Grow Your Account

Our compensation is tied to the value of your portfolio so we have an incentive to grow the value of your account and not “churn” it.

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Stay Informed

Your quarterly statements are detailed so you can see at a glance what’s happening in your account.

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Online Account Access

You’ll have online account access so you can monitor your investments anytime.

We can help!

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Diversification and rebalancing do not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

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