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Feel secure about tomorrow

Taking a little time to plan for your long term care today can make a big difference in how tomorrow looks.

Long Term Care

Intro to Long Term Care Insurance

We can all help plan a brighter future for ourselves and the people we love.

Did you know that {70%} of people over 65 will need long term care at some point?* Planning for these costs ahead of time can really bring you comfort since Medicare and health insurance don’t usually cover long term care expenses.

These expenses can be hard to predict, but one thing to know is that without a plan, the costs would typically fall on you and your family. Long term care insurance from COUNTRY Life Insurance Company® can help, and a COUNTRY Financial representative can help you sort through your choices and give you a quote.

How Long Term Care Insurance Works

What is long term care?

Long term care includes a variety of services and support you may need for your personal care. Most long term care is not medical care. It mainly provides help for basic tasks and activities of daily life, like bathing, dressing, eating, etc.

Long term care can be provided in your home by nurses, home health aides, home care aides, and therapists. You can also get it through adult day care services and long term care homes or facilities.

How long term care insurance can help

Our long term care insurance provides coverage for nursing home costs, assisted living costs, and home and community care costs.

Since these services can be expensive, long term care insurance may help you preserve your savings and help you and your family feel more secure.

And if your policy qualifies, we also offer a long term care partnership policy in some states that can help protect your savings even more. Ask your COUNTRY Financial representative for more details.

Your Choices

We have options for your long term care needs.

Policy Options

Daily Benefit Maximum

Select the maximum amount that will be paid each day you need long term care services. You can choose any amount from $50 to $500 in $10 increments. You select this amount when you purchase your policy, and this amount will not change, unless you select an optional benefit that increases the Daily Benefit Maximum.

Elimination Period

Choose the initial days of care you’ll be responsible for paying before your insurance benefits kick in (the days of care do not need to be consecutive). You can select 30 days, 90 days, 180 days or 365 days.

Lifetime Benefit Maximum

Select the maximum amount of time the policy will pay benefits. You can choose two, three, four, five, six, or eight years. The Lifetime Benefit Maximum is the total amount of benefits potentially payable under the policy.

Other Options

You might want even more benefits than what the base policy provides. The following options are available at an added cost:

Shared Care Benefit Option

If you and your spouse both have identical long term care insurance policies with us, this option allows you to use the benefits from your spouse's policy if you've used all of your own policy benefits (certain restrictions apply).

Monthly Care Option

This option gives you greater flexibility by changing the daily benefit maximum to a monthly benefit maximum. For example, if you have home care only two or three times a week, you can pay the charges with the monthly benefit rather than being locked into a specific daily benefit amount.

Restoration of Benefits Option

This option allows your benefit period to restore to the original benefit maximum if you fully recover from an illness during which you required long term care, and you remain claim-free for 180 days.

Nonforfeiture Benefit Option

This optional coverage provides a reduced paid-up policy if your policy lapses or cancels after three years.

Simple Inflation Option

With the Simple Inflation option, your Daily Maximum Benefit and Lifetime Benefit Maximum will increase by 5 percent of the original Daily Maximum Benefit each year.

Compound Inflation Option

Compound Inflation protection will increase your Daily Benefit Maximum and remaining Lifetime Benefit Maximum each year by 3 or 5 percent (your choice) of the most recent maximum amounts, rather than the original amount. 

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To be eligible for coverage, a medical exam may be required.

Policies issued by COUNTRY Life Insurance Company®, Bloomington, IL. Policy form numbers: ICC14(LTC600); in AZ, LTC600(AZ17); in IN, LTC600(IN14); in ND, LTC600(ND14)

*U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Caregiver resources & long-term care, 2017.

This policy has limitations and is not available in all states. Long term care insurance is not Medicare Supplement insurance. If issued, the policy will set forth the rights and obligations of you and the issuing company. For cost and further details of the coverage, including exclusions, reductions or limitations, and the terms under which the policy may be continued in force, see your financial representative, refer to the Outline of Coverage, or contact the company. “A Shopper's Guide to Long Term Care Insurance” is also available from your financial representative or the state insurance department. In Wisconsin, the guide is called “Guide to Long Term Care.”

If you purchase long term care insurance, your policy is guaranteed to renew each year as long as your premiums are paid on time. Your premium will vary based on the benefits you select. Your policy terms and conditions will never change, but your premium may increase if we increase our rates for everyone in your state.

This is a solicitation of insurance and a representative may contact you. COUNTRY Financial representatives are licensed insurance producers. If you would like more information on long term care insurance from your state’s senior counseling program, see your financial representative for the program’s contact information.

This policy is intended to be a federally tax-qualified long term care insurance contract under section 7702B(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended. The coverage advertised may meet the requirements for participation in a Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program in some states. Under this Program, the policyholder may be able to protect assets from Medicaid spend-down requirements through a feature known as ‘asset disregard.’ Nothing in a policy or certificate issued by a company is a guarantee of Medicaid eligibility, nor a guarantee of any ability to disregard assets for purposes of Medicaid eligibility. Please also note that states do not take part in company-specific marketing plans, and states do not endorse specific companies or company specific policy and certificate forms. If you have questions about the availability of this Program in your state, please contact the company or your state insurance department.

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