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Crop Reference Material

Federal Crop Acronym List

Use this crop acronym list to find commonly used acronyms within the crop insurance industry and their meanings.

AIP - Approved Insurance Provider

APH - Actual Production History

ARD - Acreage Reporting Date

ARP - Area Revenue Protection

ARP-HPE - Area Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion

AYP - Area Yield Protection

BFR - Beginning Farmer/Rancher

BP - Basic Provisions

BU - Basic Unit

CAT - Catastrophic Endorsement

CBOT - Chicago Board of Trade

CCIP - Common Crop Insurance Policy

CEPP - Commodity Exchange Price Provisions

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CIH - Crop Insurance Handbook

CIMS - Comprehensive Information Management System

CLU - Common Land Unit

CPA - Contract Price Addendum

CRP - Conservation Reserve Program

CY - Crop Year

DY - Determined Yield

EIN - Employee Identification Number

EP - Enterprise Unit by Practice

EU - Enterprise Unit

FAC - Following Another Crop

FCIC - Federal Crop Insurance Corporation

FSA - Farm Service Agency

GSG - Grain Strictly for Grain

HR-ACE = 'HB' - High Risk Alternate Coverage Endorsement

HR - High Risk Land Exclusion

IRR - Irrigated

ITS - Ineligble Tracking System

LAM - Loss Adjustment Manual

LGM - Livestock Gross Margin

LP - Coverage Level by Irrigated/Non-Irrigated Practice

LRP - Livestock Risk Protection

NASS - National Agricultural Statistics Service

NCIS - National Crop Insurance Services

NFAC - Not Following Another Crop

NON-IRR / NIRR - Non-Irrigated

NRCS - Natural Resources Conservation Service

NTS - No Type Specified

OC - Organic Certified

OT - Organic Transitional

OU - Optional Unit

PF - Buy Up 5% Prevented Plant

POA - Power of Attorney

PT - Buy Up 10% Prevented Plant

P/T - Practice/Type

PP- Prevented Planting

PRD - Production Reporting Date

RMA - Risk Management Agency

RO - RMA Regional Office

RP - Revenue Protection

RPHPE - Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion

SBI - Substantial Beneficial Interest

SCD - Sales Closing Date

SCO - Supplemental Coverage Option

SPOI - Special Provisions of Insurance

SRA - Standard Reinsurance Agreement

SSN – Social Security Number

TA – Trend Adjustment

TIN – Tax Identification Number

T-Yield – Transitional Yield

UH – Unharvested

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

WA – Written Agreement

WFRP – Whole Farm Revenue Protection

WU – Whole Farm Unit

YA – Yield Adjustment

YE – Yield Exclusion

YP – Yield Protection

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