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What do I get for participating?

If you live in Colorado, you will earn credits which can be redeemed for a reward. You’ll be notified in the Rewards section of the app when you’ve earned enough credits. A list of available rewards (e.g. gift cards, etc.) can be seen by clicking on your credits. Credits have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

If you live in Minnesota, you’ll receive a 5% discount on your Auto premium for downloading the app and participating in the program. Active participants will continue to receive a 5% discount until their subsequent renewal after the test session ends. 

During the pilot, we’ll determine if a discount or rewards are most effective in attracting customers to participate.

  • If we transition to rewards and you earn a discount, you’ll be eligible to earn rewards immediately, and your discount will be reduced by 1% during each subsequent renewal until it disappears.   
  • If we transition to discounts, and you earn credits, you’ll be able to redeem your earned credits balance until it is depleted. You’ll also be eligible to receive the discount immediately.