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What is the COUNTRY Financial DriverIQ app?

DriverIQ is a smartphone app that gives you feedback on your driving to help you become a safer driver.

The app gathers data using your mobile device to measure driving quality based on:    

  • Hard acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Hard cornering
  • Speeding      
  • Phone usage while driving

You can view your overall driving score, as well as individual trip scores for specific drivers. You also can earn achievement badges, compete on a leaderboard and receive tips to improve your driving.

What's the benefit of downloading the app?

The app encourages safe driving by educating you about your driving habits and providing rewards or a discount to incentivize safer driving. It’s also a fun way to see how your driving compares with others.

According to a 2018 study by Cambridge Mobile Telematics, drivers are 35% less distracted, and have a 20% reduction in speeding and hard braking within in a month of using the app. There are also 47 percent fewer claims and 48 percent less-severe claims.

Are there costs for participating?

Participation in the DriverIQ program is free, but rewards or discounts are only available to COUNTRY Financial customers who download the app on their smartphone.

What is required to participate?

Participating drivers must:     

  • Provide a valid email address and mobile phone number of the smartphone on which the app will be installed.
  • Download the app and complete setup and registration.
  • Keep the smartphone on while driving with the app enabled in the background.
Who is eligible to participate?

COUNTRY Financial customers in Colorado and Minnesota and are eligible to participate starting in July 2019.

Can the results of the smartphone app data cause client premium to increase?

Driving scores will have no effect on client premium, nor will driving scores/data be used to cancel or non-renew a policy.

How do you compute my driving score?

The score is an average of your trip scores. Individual trips are scored on a variety of driving measures, including acceleration, speeding, hard braking, phone interaction while driving and hard cornering/turning. Although these factors aren’t counted equally, each contributes to your final score.

How do I improve my driving score?

Look at the “Driving Tips” section within the app as well as individual trip feedback. As a rule, smooth driving within the speed limit and without phone usage will earn the highest scores.

If I get a phone call or text while driving, and I don’t respond, does it impact my score?

There is no impact on your score for incoming calls or texts, but using your phone to field a call or respond to a text when driving will impact your score. 

What are the criteria for phone use?

The app uses a combination of three factors to indicate phone distraction:

  • The phone screen is on.
  • The phone is in motion.
  • The car is in motion.
Can I use my phone hands-free and not impact my score?

Sure can! In fact, it’s highly encouraged.

Is my score impacted by where I drive?

Nope, where you drive will not affect your score. 

Why did my score decrease?

The app calculates your score based on the last two weeks of drives, so you may see your overall score, scored distance and number of scored trips change after each two-week period.

The app calculates your score based on the last two weeks of drives, so you may see your overall score, scored distance and number of scored trips change after each two-week period.

The fact that your phone is on and active does not impact your score. For the app to record a phone distraction event, you need to be actively handling your unlocked phone while the car is moving, and your home screen needs to be on.

What do I get for participating?

If you live in Colorado, you will earn credits which can be redeemed for a reward. You’ll be notified in the Rewards section of the app when you’ve earned enough credits. A list of available rewards (e.g. gift cards, etc.) can be seen by clicking on your credits. Credits have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

If you live in Minnesota, you’ll receive a 5% discount on your Auto premium for downloading the app and participating in the program. Active participants will continue to receive a 5% discount until their subsequent renewal after the test session ends. 

During the pilot, we’ll determine if a discount or rewards are most effective in attracting customers to participate.

  • If we transition to rewards and you earn a discount, you’ll be eligible to earn rewards immediately, and your discount will be reduced by 1% during each subsequent renewal until it disappears.   
  • If we transition to discounts, and you earn credits, you’ll be able to redeem your earned credits balance until it is depleted. You’ll also be eligible to receive the discount immediately.
How is my personal information protected?

COUNTRY Financial values and respects your privacy. We will not be collecting sensitive personal information as part of this program. The data we do collect will be subject to the COUNTRY Financial Privacy Policy. More information is available in the Terms and Conditions contained within the app.

Will COUNTRY Financial be able to track my vehicle location using the device?

No, we need to gather location data to monitor driving and adherence to local speed limits. Location data also allows the app to show you a map of each trip so you can confirm the accuracy of the feedback you are receiving. Neither COUNTRY Financial reps or employees will have access to your location data. That can only be reviewed by you in the "Trips" screen within the app. 

Will I lose my points or premium discount if I uninstall the application?

If you live in Colorado, you’ll lose your earned credits if you become inactive or uninstall the application, as the app must be used to redeem credits.

If you live in Minnesota and earn a discount, the discount will be removed if you become inactive or uninstall the application.

If either of the following criteria are met, you’ll be considered inactive and removed from the program:

  • The DriverIQ app setup/registration is not completed within 30 days of opting into the program.
  • No driving data is received from the DriverIQ registered phone in a 30-day period.

Credits and discounts will be forfeited for the following reasons:

  • Cancellation or non-renewal of your COUNTRY Mutual Auto insurance policy for any reason.
  • COUNTRY Financial discontinues the program for any reason.
Do I need to open the app for each trip, so it can collect my data?

No, the app works in the background and will collect your data any time a drive is detected. However, you will need to make sure the app is turned on and app location services are turned on during your trips.

How can I view the data the app collected?

The app displays your driving data in the Trips section. You can see each trip you’ve taken with details on where you can improve your driving behavior.

Does the app use my phone battery?

Yes. As with any smartphone app, it uses your battery to operate. The effect is minimal but will vary based on your smartphone model and age. 

How much data does the app use per month?

The app uploads about 500-600KB of data per hour of driving (approximately one low-resolution photo). If you were to drive 1 hour/day for a month, it would equate to 18MB of data, a small fraction of a typical U.S. data plan.

Can I switch smartphones and continue to use the app?

Of course! If you ever need to change phones or reinstall the app, you can log-in under the Existing Users option. A PIN will be sent to the email address you provided during initial registration.

How does the app know whether I’m a driver or passenger?

The app will learn your driving behaviors over time based on your common routes and classifications. Review and update your trip classifications, like Driver or other modes of transportation such as Bus, to help the app assess your routines. You can update these classifications as part of confirming your trips for up to seven days.

If I turn my phone off, will the app still capture the trip data?

The app will not run if the phone is powered off.

How do I download the app?
  • Receive a text message from Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) with a link to the DriverIQ app in your app store. 
  • Enter your mobile number and press "Continue."
  • You'll receive a 4-digit PIN by text message.
  • Enter the PIN in the app. 
  • Agree to the app Terms & Conditions.
  • Accept all permission requests for the app to function properly.
  • Drive!
How do I provide feedback on the app?

Report feedback in the app under Settings > Feedback or email us and we'll respond as quickly as possible.