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What are my options for paying my bill?

Auto, Home, Farm, Commercial and Umbrella policies:

  • Log in to your account and make an online payment using your bank account, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover (you can set up recurring payments online if you pay with a bank account)
  • Automatic monthly payment withdrawal from your bank account
  • Automated phone payment using your bank account, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879)
  • By check to your COUNTRY Financial representative or to COUNTRY Financial®, PO Box 2100, Bloomington IL 61702-2100

Life, Health and Annuity policies:

  • Log in to your account and make an online payment using your bank account* (you can set up recurring payments online)
  • Automatic monthly payment withdrawal from your bank account
  • Automated phone payment using your bank account* at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879)
  • By check to your COUNTRY Financial representative or to COUNTRY Financial, PO Box 2100, Bloomington IL 61702-2100

*Credit and debit card payments are not accepted for life, health and annuity policies.

When can I start making online payments?

Once your account has been activated, you can log in to your account to make payments immediately if you have a balance due. You will see if there are balances due under the “Your Bill” section when you log into your account. Then just select “Pay Bill” and choose a payment method you would like to use.

How do I update my bank account or credit card payment information?

If you use online bill pay, log in to your account, choose Pay My Bill, then choose Payment Options, and edit or delete the payment account.

If you’re enrolled in an automatic monthly payment plan using your bank account, please contact your representative. Bank account information for automated payments cannot be updated online.

Can I make monthly payments?

Auto, Home, Farm, Commercial, and Umbrella policies:

Yes, you may set up recurring payments using your bank account in Online Bill Pay. 

If you have any combination of auto, home, farm, commercial, or umbrella policies, you can request a Combined Bill Plan, which makes it easier to pay with just one withdrawal per month.

Life, Health, and Annuity policies:

COUNTRY Life does not offer a monthly bill for a single policy. If you have multiple life, health or annuity policies though, you can request a Combined Bill Plan, which offers a monthly billing schedule for all policies on the plan.

Auto, home, life, and health policies cannot be combined together on a single Combined Bill Plan.

Can I change my automatic monthly withdrawal date?

Absolutely! You can request automatic monthly payments be taken from your bank account on a different date. You can make this change by logging in to your account and clicking on Billing. From there, view the details of any bill and click “manage billing account”. You will then click on “update payment options” to choose when you would like your bill to be paid. You can also call 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879), or contact your COUNTRY Financial representative.

Available withdrawal dates: 

Auto, Home, Farm, Commercial, Umbrella

Life, Health, Annuity

Can withdraw any day within the 17 days before the billing payment due date.

5th, 10th, 15th, or 25th

Why did I get a bill when I just paid it?

This can happen for two main reasons. First, an overlap might have occurred between when we sent your most current bill to you and when you paid the previous one. The second most common cause is that a payment was missed.

Give us a call at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879) and we’d be happy to help if you have questions.

How much is currently due?

If you have an online account, you can log in to your account and click Billing, or look under the “Your Bill” box on your homepage. You can also call 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879) anytime to check your payment balance.

How much is needed to reinstate my policy?

If your policy has lapsed, different factors may affect the amount needed to reinstate it - and we may need to get some additional information from you. It’s best to contact your COUNTRY Financial representative if you wish to reinstate your policy.

How do I pay my bills online?

It’s simple! Register for an account using the policy information shown on your bill. After your email address is verified, click Billing to see all your current bills and click “Pay Bill” to start the process of payment. You can also see your bills under “Your Bill” on the homepage.

What bills can I pay online?

Most auto, home, farm, umbrella, commercial, life, health and annuity payments can be made online.

If you have questions about policies you can’t pay online, please contact your COUNTRY Financial representative.

How do I pay multiple policies online?

Log in to your accountand choose “Pay Bill” under the “Your Bill” box on the homepage. Then select all the bills you would like to pay currently.

Please note you may not be able to use the same payment method for all policy types (see your bill payment options).

I enrolled in paperless billing. How do I view my policies or get my insurance cards?

Paperless billing means we won’t send you a paper bill, but you’ll still get your policy info and proof of insurance cards in the mail.

You can also log in to your account to download a PDF of your insurance cards and view all your policies under “Your Policies & Investment Accounts. For more convenience you can download the Country Financial Mobile App.

Is it free to pay my insurance bills online?

COUNTRY Financial does not charge any additional fees to pay your bills online. Your individual payment plan fees will still apply.

Can I set up recurring payments online?

Definitely! Log in to your account, click on Pay Bill under “Billing” or “Your Bill." Then click on “Payment Options” and add a bank account/credit card as your payment method. Next click Recurring Payments on the top bar, then choose Create New Recurring Payment.

When can I make an online payment?

Online bill pay is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

I am only receiving one new bill email notification, but I have two registered policies. How do I get email notifications for the other policy?

After you add a new policy, you’ll need to click on Pay Bill to activate the new bill email notifications – you can go ahead and do this even if you don’t currently have a bill due.

Why is the "Pay" button still there after I've made my payment?

The pay button remains active on the Bill Pay screen for several days of processing time. If you're unsure if a payment went through, please check your payment history before processing a payment for the same bill a second time. You can do this by going to Pay Bill and then clicking on Bill history on the top of the screen. If a payment is approved, do not submit again, as it will debit your account a second time.

In COUNTRY Bill Pay, my bill information disappeared when I clicked the Pay button. What do I do?

Sorry if this has happened to you! You’ll need to have JavaScript enabled to use online bill pay. If you need help enabling JavaScript, please call us at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879).

I received an error while using COUNTRY Bill Pay. How do I get back to paying my bill?

This is sometimes an issue that refreshing your page or logging out and logging back in will fix. And if you’re using Safari or Chrome, please be sure not to use the browser forward and back arrows in COUNTRY Bill Pay. Instead, use the navigation links provided on the page to navigate through the site. If you’re still getting an error or need additional help, we’re standing by to assist at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879).

Can I combine my Auto, Home, Life and Health policies on one bill?

While you can create Combined Bill Plans for auto and home policies, and for life and health policies, we’re unable to combine auto/home bills with life/health bills at this time.

When I pay a bill online, when is my payment processed?

If the payment is made after 10 p.m. CST, or during the weekend, the payment will be held and processed by the next business day.