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Understanding Your Life (Non-monthly) Bill

Make sense of your billing notice.

Here's a description of the information we provide on our bills. If you have questions, contact a billing services representative at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879).

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Life Non-Monthly Bill Page 1
  1. Plan of Insurance: Indicates the type of insurance you have.
  2. Notice Date: The date this notice was created.
  3. Policy Number: Unique number which indentifies your policy with COUNTRY Financial.
  4. Policy Issue Date: Date your policy was approved.
  5. Due Date: The date your payment is due to our payment center.
  6. Amount Due: Total you owe. This sum could be for premium and/or loan interest due.
  7. Policy Insured: The person whose life the policy insures.
  8. Policyowner: The person who owns the policy.
  9. Your COUNTRY Financial representative: Your financial representative‚Äôs contact information.
  10. Mode of Payment Due: The schedule you have selected to make your payments.
  11. Premium: Shows amount due for the premium on your policy.
  12. Loan Interest: Shows amount due for the annual loan interest on your policy.
  13. Payment Stub: Detach this portion of the notice and include it in the envelope provided when you mail your payment.
  14. Amount Enclosed: Indicate how much you are paying on your policy.
  15. Change in contact information: Complete the back side of the payment stub.
  16. Make check payable to: Make check payable to the company listed.

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