Understanding your Life Health Combined Bill

Make sense of your billing notice.

Here's a description of the information we provide on our bills. If you have questions, contact a Life/Health billing representative at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879).

Page 1

Life Health Combined Bill Page 1
  1. Notice Date: The date this notice was created.
  2. Account Number: Unique number which indentifies your account with COUNTRY.
  3. Due Date: The date your payment is due to our payment center.
  4. Amount Due: Total you owe. This sum could be for premium and/or loan payment due.
  5. Types of policies: Shows how much is due for each type of policy. There can be Life, Health, Universal Life or Annuities.
  6. Payment Stub: Detach this portion of the notice and include it in the envelope provided when you mail your payment.
  7. Amount Enclosed: Indicate how much you are paying on your account.
  8. Change in contact information: Complete the back side of the payment stub.
  9. Make check payable to: Make check payable to the company listed.

Page 2

Life Health Combined Bill Page 2
  1. About the Effects of Non Payment: Indicates what will happen to your acount if payment is not paid.
  2. Contact COUNTRY: This provides COUNTRY’s contact information.
  3. Change of Contact Information: Complete this section if there is any contact information that needs changed.

Page 3

Life Health Combined Bill Page 3
  1. Types of policies: Displays policies grouped by the type of insurance. There can be Life, Health, Universal Life or Annuities.
  2. Policy Number: Displays each policy number that is billing.
  3. Insured: Displays the name of each insured that is billing.
  4. Amount Billed: Displays the amount billed for that policy.