Understanding Your Auto, Home, or Other Liability Bill

Make sense of your billing notice.

Here's a description of the information we provide on our bills. If you have questions, contact a billing services representative at 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879). 

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Remember that the reverse side of your bill contains a glossary of terms!

  1. Due Date: The deadline to pay the minimum amount due.
  2. Representative: This is your financial representative's name and number. Call him/her for any insurance or financial needs.
  3. Account Summary: Provides a quick look at recent history of your account, summarizes the amount you owe and indicates the date on which the amount is due.
  4. Payment Stub: Detach the portion, indicate the amount being paid and mail the stub in the envelope provided. Please do not staple payment to the stub or send cash.

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5.  About Your Future Billing Schedule: If you are paying by installments, the estimated amount of the next bill is provided here.

6.  About Extra Fees: This section spells out the cost differences between payment plans and explains how we handle late payments and returned bank items.  This information may vary by state.

7.  About How We Apply Your Payment: This is the order in which your payment is applied to your account.

8.  About the Effects of Non Payment: This section offers advice about how to avoid additional fees or policy termination by paying your bill on time.

9.  About our Annual Meeting Provides the date, time and location of COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company’s annual meeting.

10.  Change of Contact Information: If your billing address on the front page of your bill is incorrect, please write the correct information in this section.

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11. Premium Details:  Contains information about the policy or policies on the account.

12. Contact Us:  This section provides various ways for you to contact Billing Services and your financial representative.  We’ve also included our mailing address, our website address and our hours of operation.