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Katie Trapani

Katie Trapani

Katie is an Advertising and Events Intern at COUNTRY who contributes positivity, dedication, and organizational talents (some may call it Excel spreadsheet OCD). She loves to learn and embrace new skills, portray the vision, mission, values, and culture of COUNTRY, and rock the green! Katie loves snuggling up with a good book and every once in a while, you can catch her dancing the night away with good friends. She is a cheese addict, wine lover, and carb hoarder.

Growing up in Rockford, IL, Katie danced competitively and trained for 17 years with focus on Ballet and technique skills. She has a burning and boundless passion for creativity through all aspects of life, a love for travel and dreams of visiting Ireland someday.

All in all, Katie is your go to gal for organization tips, dance moves, or getting those creative juices flowing.

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