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Jenna Allen

Jenna Allen

In pursuit of higher education and a love for her homeland, Jenna has decided to attend a master’s program, focused on British literature, in London this fall. While she will be missed, we are all excited for her as she heads into this next exciting phase of life.

Writer. Reader. Gamer. Traveler. Part time fitness enthusiast, full time nerd. Jenna’s work as a scribe allows her to explore her creative side and challenge her views of the world; from  writing about the best places to stargaze in the U.S. to the journey of food from farm to table, she’s always looking to learn. 

Whether she’s twisting herself into a pretzel in the name of yoga, or trying to beat her fellow scribes to read the most books in a year, Jenna weaves her passion for life into everything she does. That’s why she values the close-knit team she works with at COUNTRY Financial as they support her quirks, nurture her differences, and muddle through conversations with her weird accent. 

Disclaimer: any spelling mistakes are because the writer is English and still ascertains that her way of spelling words is the “correct” way. Please forgive her in advance. 

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