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About the Author

Hope Linker

Hope Linker

Hope is a new dog mom to a yellow lab named Gracie, part time personal trainer, and full time social content specialist.  Often struggling to identify as an extrovert or introvert, she loves a night out on the town as much as she loves a cozy night in with a book.

Her decision to become a part time personal trainer stemmed from a long life in the gym. Volleyball and conditioning was all she knew for 12 years, so when her career ended, she knew she had to stay involved somehow. Hope recently helped coach her high school team to another state championship, and will continue to give personal lessons, and play in recreational leagues when she can. Helping and serving others is what gives her the most joy in life.

Traveling and dabbling in outdoor sports and hobbies are major upcoming goals of hers. Hope’s creative side wants to try anything once; whether that be traveling to new countries, trying new foods, or finding the next “thing” she falls in love with.

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