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Courtny Svendsen

Courtny Svendsen

Hello there! I’m Courtny - and no that’s not a typo, I am indeed Courtny with no “e”. My parents said they wanted me to be different, little did they know - they didn’t have to spell my name uniquely for that to happen.

I’m the media relations intern at COUNTRY Financial. I use writing as a creative outlet, and I’m so excited that I get to turn storytelling into a career. Right now, I’m studying Public Relations, and I really love my major because I think putting your best face forward is so important.

I’m very proud to say I’m putting myself through college. I have been 100% financially independent since I graduated high school due to my strong work ethic and superior budgeting skills. During the school year, I work three jobs while balancing my classes. I owe my sanity to my perfectly organized Lily Pulitzer planner, which keeps my head straight and my life on track.

In 2016, I hung up my pom-poms after cheerleading for over 12 years, including at the D1 collegiate level. I often miss being tossed around like a human airplane, so I still enjoy stunting around in my free time.   

I’m obsessed with organization, shopping the sale rack, and talking your ear off. I believe that when your clothes, home, and work are in order, you feel even better. 

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