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You have protection for the things you grow, but what about your things that go?
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by Valerie Hawkins

Top 6 FAQ’s about farm vehicle coverage

Your farm vehicles are essential to your entire operation. They help transport the crops you devoted an entire year to grow.

But, what a lot of farmers don’t realize, is their farm trucks, trailers, and flatbeds may not be properly covered. So, I chatted with Karin Daniel – farm vehicle insurance guru at COUNTRY. She helped answer some FAQ’s about farm vehicle coverage!

Are my farm vehicles covered on my farm insurance policy? No, they are not. Farm policies, as well as farm personal property policies, do not include auto or auto liability coverage.

What qualifies as a “farm vehicle”? All personal passenger trucks are considered farm vehicles if you have a full-time income from farming. COUNTRY also insures trucks over 1 ton, such as flatbeds, grain trucks, dump trucks, semi-truck tractors, and semi-truck trailers.

What about tractors and farm equipment? This is where it can get confusing - these do not qualify as farm vehicles. Tractors, like your combines and planters, are considered farm personal property. An easy way to remember the difference, is farm vehicles are also typically required to be licensed for road use. Therefore, they should be insured on an auto policy. 

You mentioned needing a “full-time farming income”. What does that mean? To open a farm policy, a farmer must make at least $2,500 from their farming operation. This low-income threshold is important for hobby farmers. So, although some people may qualify for a farm policy, that does not necessarily mean their vehicles qualify for farm rates, because $2,500 is not a full-time income from farming.

What kind of claims do farm vehicles typically have? Lots of claims are from backing into things, like other cars, farm equipment and buildings. City streets are not designed with farm vehicles in mind, so there are claims from damaging property from wide turns. One of the largest (and scariest) claims I’ve seen was when a grain truck crashed into a downtown building after its brakes went out, filling the building with grain. Sounds crazy, but you never know when those “what-if” moments will happen, which is why you need to have proper coverage to help pay for repairs.

What about farmers’ personal vehicles – how are those insured? Just like you or I would insure our own cars, vans or SUV’s! They would work with their local COUNTRY rep to take out additional auto policies on any of their personal vehicles. 


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