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Tokens in a voting box
Booth guests voted for their favorite Illinois ag program at the Farm Progress Show.
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by Valerie Hawkins

Giving back to the future leaders of ag

Farmers spend countless hours tending to their livestock and investing in their land to help feed people like you and me. No big deal, right?


That’s why we should give back to the farming community and invest in the future leaders of ag, right?


Giving back at the Farm Progress Show

At this summer’s Farm Progress Show, 182,000 ag enthusiasts toured more than 500 exhibits displaying the latest and greatest ag-related products, services and technology.

And we happened to be one of those exhibitors, with a mission to give back to the future leaders of the ag industry.

Here’s how.

When guests entered our booth, they received a token to vote for one of three Illinois ag programs:

  • Illinois 4-H
  • Illinois FFA
  • Illinois Farm Bureau’s Young Leaders

The criteria for voting was simple. Which program has the biggest impact on your agricultural experiences?

The votes are in

After tallying 6,451 votes, we divvied up $20,000 for 3 organizations.

Here for you. Then and now.

We’ve been a long-time supporter for programs focused on the future leaders of agriculture. Because we understand growing tomorrow’s ag industry begins with planting seeds today.

If you could vote for any local ag program – which one would it be? Comment below and tell us why!

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