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National Ag Week kicks off March 22.
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by Valerie Hawkins

Every week is National Ag Week

Every March, the country comes together to celebrate National Ag Week. It’s a week dedicated to recognize everything ag industry professionals contribute to our everyday lives. 

Did you know?

A week doesn’t sound like enough time to celebrate those accomplishments, right? Well, that’s why we celebrate National Ag Week this week, and every week. You can too!

Year-round celebration

Our strong affiliations with collegiate, county and state farm bureaus give us plenty of opportunities to give back to ag.

But here are 4 ways you can support the ag industry all year long:

  1. Volunteer with a youth ag organization.
  2. Donate your dollars to a charitable ag non-profit.
  3. Bring a sack lunch to a farmer in the field.
  4. Become an #AgVocate and share info about the ag industry.

Growing tomorrow’s ag industry begins with planting seeds today. Join us in celebrating ag professionals not only this week, but throughout the year!

How do you plan to celebrate? Comment below!

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