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tractor on rural road
Simple tips to keep farmers and other drivers safe on the road this harvest season.
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by Valerie Hawkins

5 tips to safely share the road

Harvest season is upon us, which means you’ll be on the road more frequently in your farm tractors.

Before you take your farm equipment on public roads, make sure you follow these five simple tips to keep you, your equipment, and others as safe as possible.

1. Understand your local laws

There are rules and regulations around what pieces of equipment can and can’t be on public roads. Before you hit the road with your tractor, make sure you check these guidelines.

2. Check your equipment

It’s important to know how wide and tall your equipment is, so you’re prepared when you come to an under- or overpass. Also, make sure your turn signals, headlights and flashers are all working properly. If you’re hauling a trailer, double check to ensure the signals on the trailer work, too!

3. Add a “slow-moving vehicle” sign

Most farm implements are required to have a reflective “slow-moving vehicle” sign attached to their rear. Make sure yours is properly attached and visible to cars traveling behind you.

4. Don’t drive distracted

There are a lot of distractions in your cab – but it’s important to keep your eyes on the road. Roads are unfortunately not made for farm equipment, so it’s your responsibility to keep yourself and others as safe as possible.

5. Check your protection

Unfortunately, there are frequent accidents involving farm equipment on rural roads. Most of the time, it’s other drivers not having enough patience which results in sideswiping or rear-ending a tractor. Accidents do happen, which is why you need to have proper coverage to help pay for repairs.


We understand that road safety is a two-way street (see what we did there?). So, we also put together some handy tips for drivers when sharing the road with ag equipment.

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