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COUNTRY Financial was born with Illinois farmers in 1925. We may have spread to the Pacific coast, Midwest, and down South but we’re never far from our roots.

truck with spilled grain

Hunt Farms’ hired hand makes life-changing decision

A split-second decision can make a life-changing impact.

woman and son feeding baby calf

FarmHer reveals: Misconceptions of modern ag

Though there are numerous types of agriculture, all farmers work towards a common goal: feeding and fueling the world.

woman gazing into the fields

A chat with FarmHer, a popular agriculture blog

Marji Guyler-Alaniz does it all: Public speaking, photography, blogging, storytelling, and clothing design. She’s also Founder and President of FarmHer.

aerial view of a farm

A safe farm is a productive farm

Your farm is more than a business, it’s your livelihood. Running a safe operation is essential to preserving that livelihood.

Defensive driving a must on rural roads

During harvest time, farmers work longer hours and driving oversized, slow-moving equipment on the roads. Check out these tips to keep everyone safe.

Happy family on farm

Are you a farm equipment expert?

How well do you know your farm equipment? Take our quiz to find out!

Millennial farmer

Millennials will take agriculture to the next level

A career in agriculture can mean just about anything these days and millennials are here to prove it. 

FFA logo

FFA Alumni stay loyal to the blue and gold

Even if it’s been years since you’ve worn a blue corduroy jacket, you can still help make a big difference in the lives of young people around the world, and in your own backyard

1920's newspaper headline

The 1920’s: A walk down memory lane

1926: It was a simple time. Bread cost 12 cents, no one had cell phones… and most people didn’t have auto insurance? 

Solar panels on barn

Solar panels send a new volt of energy to farms

Solar panels are helping farmers cut costs and save the planet. 

Female farmer

Women in agriculture

More and more women are joining the agricultural industry and changing it's face as their ranks grow. 

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