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If traveling is on your retirement bucket list, why wait?
posted in: Financial Wellness
by Christy McFarland

“Working Retirement” - Oxymoron or genius idea?

If you’re nearing retirement, and are considering retiring early, think about this. Would you rather work five more years now? Or work five more years when you’re 85?

It’s important to make sure your money will last in retirement. So if working for a few more years will help make sure you live a more comfortable retirement, isn’t it worth it?

If you’re still eager to retire early, why not try out a “working retirement?” Here’s what we mean…

Many people say they want to travel or visit family and friends more often in retirement. Typically, the further along in your career means more vacation days, faster accruals or more days in the bank. If that’s true for you, why not actually use those days? Take a month off and travel across the pond. Take a couple weeks to visit friends you haven’t seen in years. Do all this, while still working and saving for retirement.

If you were planning on downsizing in retirement, do it a few years early. This could free up more money to set aside for retirement, plus, you can deal with any costly up-front costs that come with moving while you still have your regular salary.

Move to your dream location
If you were planning on moving to another state when you retire, see if your employer will let you work remotely for a few years allowing you to move before you retire. Not only will you get to enjoy more years at your dream location, it’ll give you time to get acclimated and make new friends. 

Hobbies or a second career
If you have big dreams about doing something you always wanted to do in retirement, whether it’s a hobby or a second career, do the leg work now. It could be costly to start up a business or purchase equipment for your hobby. It’s going to be easier to make this dream a reality if you get started when you still have the paycheck you’re used to.

All of these tips might not be options for you, but hopefully it’s got you thinking about ways to be okay with working a little longer, especially if you know it’ll benefit you in the long run. 

Crunch the numbers
Check out this retirement savings calculator to see if you’re on track.


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