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Simple Steps
Take simple steps to pay off holiday debt
posted in: Financial Wellness
by Chris Stroisch

Spend too much on gifts this year?

Did you exceed your holiday shopping budget this year?  Did you even have a budget?

A recent COUNTRY Financial Security Index survey found 31 percent of Americans planned to use credit cards to pay for holiday gifts this year. If you were one of them and now you’re stuck with debt, there are some simple steps you can take to help ease the burden.


  1. Calculate how much debt you have.  
  2. Create a plan to pay it off. Start shopping at cheaper discount stores to save money on your monthly grocery budget. Limit going out to dinner for the next few months. Cut back on your cable subscription. Hold off making any large purchases until you pay your debt down or completely off.
  3. Pay off smaller debts first. Attacking small balances first will help you see more immediate results and motivate you as you tackle your next debt.
  4. Do not borrow any more money. Avoid borrowing or charging on your credit card while you’re trying to get out of debt. 
  5. As soon as you pay off your holiday debt, create a plan for next year and starting budgeting for it now!

Taking control of your finances will not only help you prepare for your future goals, it will also help make the new year a little less stressful. When you are ready to discuss your financial goals and a way to achieve them, we are ready to help.  #TakeSimpleSteps

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