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Talking to your kiddo about money at an early age could be more important than you think!
posted in: Financial Wellness
by Valerie Hawkins

How to talk to your kids about money

We talk to our kids about lots of things. Good things, bad things, happy things, sad things. But one topic that seems to get lost in the shuffle is… money.

I took a quick poll with fellow parents. It seems most of us missed out on “the talk” when we were younger. Perhaps our parents thought it was taboo, or perhaps they thought we were never quite old enough to handle the subject matter. I’m still talking about money, by the way.

It’s never too early

But I’m here to tell you it’s never too early (or late) to talk to your kids about money. Honest! Just to show you how fun it can be, we sat down with some kiddos to see what they had to say about cold hard cash.

Some of these kids are more responsible with their money than I am:

And some are more my style:

Having regular conversations about money with your child today, can help set them up for success in the future. Or else they could turn into a 30-something who still bounces checks and can’t follow a budget if her life depended on it. #SpeakingForAFriend

We’ve got you covered

If you’re wondering how to start or what topics are age-appropriate for your child, that’s ok! Most of us parents are in the same boat. But, we’ve got you covered!

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