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Fancy cars are one reason auto rates are going up.
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by Kristin Smith

4 reasons auto insurance rates are on the rise

1) Say it with me “Get off your phone!” I doubt this one surprises you, but you may not be thinking of all the phone related distractions that are out there. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the “estimated number of drivers using electronic devices during the day is 660,000.” That includes people who text, snap a photo, record video, and more. The younger the driver, the higher the distraction rates.

2) Our cars got fancy. Back in the day, a fender bender meant that you might spend some cash on a small repair. Today, you’re replacing more than a headlight, it’s a special-ordered, LED headlight. The more bells, whistles, and sensors on the car, the pricier it is to fix.

3) Gas is cheap. (Wait? What?) That may sound like an oxymoron, but relative to gas prices a couple of years ago, it’s true. When gas prices are lower, more cars are on the road. More cars = more accidents. 

4) Healthcare costs are going up. When health care prices rise, so do auto insurance rates because auto insurance covers the medical costs of those injured in accidents or collisions.

Right now, you’re probably thinking “I have no control over 3 of the 4 things on this list and now I’m just mad at you.” I don’t blame you. All is not lost though; you can do some things to help offset these rising costs.

  • Maintain your vehicle: Keep up with oil changes, brake repair, tire replacement, and other necessary maintenance. A well-maintained car is a safer car.
  • Car pool: Ride to work with friends. If you work at the same place or are close to each other, you can take turns driving. You’ll save some gas money and have time to catch up with your pals. Bonus: A chat with a good friend is an awesome stress reliever after a long work day.
  • Put your phone away: Stow your phone before you start the car, even if you have hands free capability. Talking on the phone, through a speaker or not, can be distracting.        
  • Pick your music before you hit the road: Who doesn’t love a good soundtrack while driving? Just line up your tunes before you go, so you aren’t trying to change the music while you’re behind the wheel.

Have any other tips that can help us all keep our insurance rates in check? Tell us in the comments!


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