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DIY cleaning solution
Saving money and the environment starts when you #TakeSimpleSteps
posted in: Financial Wellness
by Valerie Hawkins

10 ways to be green and save green

You #TakeSimpleSteps to be green. You bring your own bags to the grocery store, turn off lights when you leave a room, and ditched plastic water bottles.

But there are lots of other simple ways to be green and save some green in the process. Here’s 10 of them!

washing machine panel
Washing clothes is cool.

Heating water for a wash cycle uses a lot of energy. So does your dryer. Set your default setting on cold wash, and consider line-drying clothes too. You’ll not only save energy, you’ll save cold hard cash.

power strip
Use power strips.

Your appliances are vampires – constantly sucking energy even when not in use. No, don’t go grab the garlic! Instead grab a power strip. Plug your appliances into power strips, so you can easily turn them off when not in use.

bathroom faucet with toothbrush
Conserve water.

Turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth. Take shorter showers. Repair that leaky faucet. These are just some of the simple ways you can decrease your water usage and your water bill.


Fertilizer can be pricey, but
did you know you can green up your lawn with stuff laying around your house?
Compost leaves, grass clippings, veggie scraps and more for amazing (and free)
fertilizer, plus you’re keeping that muck out of landfills. 

woman reading ereader

Check books out at the library or
read eBooks as opposed to buying them. Use ceramic coffee mugs instead of
disposable travel cups. These tricks will save you money and keep waste out of

smart thermostat
Install a smart thermostat.

These handy devices allow you to program your heat and A/C to come on when you come home, and turn down while you’re away. This helps save money on your utility bills and reduces pollution.

DIY cleaning solution
DIY cleaning solutions.

Most cleaners from the store are choc-full of nasty chemicals. There are lots of great all natural cleaners you can make at home. It’ll save you money but also keep those chemical pollutants out of your home.

recharge batteries
Recharge instead of rebuy.

Investing in rechargeable batteries now can save you in the long run (plus it keeps dead batteries out of landfills). Buy them on sale and stock up!

old electronics
Recycle your electronics.

Instead of your old cell phones and tablets collecting dust in landfills, trade them in and collect some cash. A quick online search will show you the nearest place you can recycle your outdated electronics in exchange for cash or store credit. 

dishwasher full of plates and cups
Wait until it’s full.

Your dishwasher that is. Only run your dishwasher when it is full – you’ll make the best use of the water and energy it takes to wash your dishes. 

What are some of your fav ways to be green and save green? Share below!

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