Financial Wellness

Want to learn how to budget for home repairs, protect yourself from identity theft, or have family fun on the cheap? We’ve pulled together a range of information to help you live life to the fullest, without breaking the bank.

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Talking money with your valentine

Relationship experts are quick to mention to couples that communication is key. This is especially true with finances. Do you talk about money with your significant other?

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A generation gap in financial confidence

The latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index survey revealed a growing gap between Millennials and older generations when it comes to the sentiments of personal financial security.

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15 ways to be more financially secure in 2017

A new year can be a new beginning. We might make promises to ourselves to break bad habits, but how many of those New Year’s resolutions actually stick? When it comes to financial security, the biggest step is just getting started. 

Calculator and pen

Figuring out the “50-30-20 rule”

Having trouble with your budget? There's a formula for that.

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FAQ’s: Credit report vs credit score

#Adulting can be exhausting. Topics like what’s the difference between a credit score and report and why should I care can be confusing… until now.

Ladder coming out of debt

Four ways a 20-something can manage their debt

Young adults often have debt they don't understand and don't know how to get rid of.

Newlywed couple

Helping newlyweds bust through debt

Debt is a serious issue that continues to rise. Alex,
a personal finance blogger and money-saving queen, helps us out with some tips. 

Donation jar filled with coins

Would you like to donate to the (fill in the blank)?

Do you want to donate but don’t trust your money is going to get into the right hands? Before you give, check out some simple ways to make sure your donation is going to make an impact. 

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What's an 'A' worth?

In more than half of American households, students get more than a pat on the back for a good report card. Many “A” students are cashing in with good grades.

Digital Thermostat

Is there a perfect temperature to set your thermostat? reports that you can save up to five percent in heating costs for every degree you lower your thermostat between 60 and 70 degrees.

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How life choices affect your financial future

How you choose to live your life impacts your financial security. If you want a more secure future – and who doesn’t – take a close look at the choices you make. Positive changes now could significantly improve your financial future.

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Web marketing for your business

Business owners now have so many innovative ways to promote their products. Take a quick look at some of the ways you can utilize web marketing.

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Ways to splurge on your home without breaking the bank

Living on a budget doesn't mean you can't live well. It's possible to live it up without draining your bank account. It might take some effort, but the results are well worth it!

Savings jar for vacation

Budgeting for vacation

Everyone should escape their daily lives from time-to-time. Here's how you can budget for your next big adventure.

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Planning your wedding on a budget

Can you have everything you want on your wedding day without spending all of your money? We think you can. 

Painting a wall

Budgeting for spring home repairs

Springtime is a great time for sprucing up your surroundings. If you're thinking about some home repairs when spring arrives, here are some tips to consider.

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Top hidden college costs

Take a look at our list of hidden college costs so you can prepare your kid, and your finances, before you send them off to school.

College graduates

The most valuable college degrees

It's no secret that getting an education is expensive. After adding up tuition, room and board, books and supplies, the costs can seem frightening.

Decorative couch with side table

Creating a cozy living space

Just because you live in a small apartment complex, condo, or even a dorm room, doesn’t mean you can’t use your creativity and decorate a cozy, comfortable living space. A relaxing, decorated humble abode can put your mind at ease after a long day.

Happy college graduate

Funding your college education

Because tuition and housing costs continue to climb, college may feel out of reach for many high school students and soon-to-be college students. However, there are ways to attend college without completely breaking the bank.

Girl working on laptop

Protect your identity during the holidays

More and more Americans are ditching big box stores for online stores where they can shop from the comfort of their homes. However, the convenience of shopping in your pajamas comes with a risk – identity theft.

Couple wearing Santa hats

Avoid a credit card hangover this holiday season

Many Americans are heading towards the holiday shopping season with a “celebrate now, pay later” mindset. It’s an approach that can find the joy of the season dampened by big bills in the new year.

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