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Financial Wellness

Want to learn how to budget for home repairs, protect yourself from identity theft, or have family fun on the cheap? We’ve pulled together a range of information to help you live life to the fullest, without breaking the bank.

Tips for Saving, Spending and Sharing in the Gig Economy

Purchasing services through apps and online platforms can be almost too easy. Try our tips for smart consuming in the sharing economy. 

A man drives a car with a woman in the back seat.

Protecting Yourself in the Sharing Economy

If you're thinking about earning money in the sharing economy, take simple steps to be sure you're protected. 

Two employees discussing hurricane preparedness plans.

Hurricane safety: small business edition

We all know there is no stopping a hurricane. However, there are steps you can take to help protect your business from destruction. 

two men safe workplace

5 steps to build a safer workplace

A strong safety culture starts when you take simple steps.

Business owner and storefront

Proper protection for your small business

We sat down with small business owner, Josh, for the low down on commercial insurance. And why it’s super important. 

wheel and dashboard of new car

4 reasons auto insurance rates are on the rise

Auto rates are increasing a little each year. Here’s four reasons why.

Happy graduate.

Graduate with goals

No matter who in your family is earning their promotion from eighth grade, their high school diploma, or their college degree, it is a great time to get started or check in on your financial plan for college.

kids coloring in front of cameras

How to talk to your kids about money

It’s never too early (or late) to talk to your kids about money. 

DIY cleaning solution

10 ways to be green and save green

Being environmentally friendly doesn’t just save Mother Earth. It saves you money.

taking video of television

Take inventory of your belongings in less than 10 minutes

If the unthinkable happened, would you be able to list every item in your home? Taking inventory is easier than you think. 

girl on phone

Umbrella policy 101

Do you know what an umbrella policy is? I didn’t, so I asked some pros. 

Two women talking at table

My morning with the (coupon) Queen

When it comes to saving money, start with simple steps (and couponing) today! Check out some great tips, tricks and advice from the coupon queen herself.

Are you planning on working into your retirement years?

The definition of “retirement” becomes more ambiguous every day.


7 saving hacks every college student needs

No…buying lottery tickets isn’t on our list, but it probably wouldn’t hurt. 

Piggy bank on car.

4 tips to lower your auto insurance

You can take simple steps every day to pinch a penny here and there. Check out these four simple tips to help save money on your auto insurance. 

Apartment-finder app

4 tips for money-savvy renters

Just like finding the perfect rental starts with simple steps, so does saving money.

Simple Steps

Spend too much on gifts this year?

A COUNTRY Financial survey found 31 percent of Americans planned to use credit cards to pay for holiday gifts this year. There are simple steps to help ease some of the debt burden.

How much money are you borrowing this holiday season?

Nearly two-thirds of Americans admit borrowing money from their savings, charging expenses to credit cards and even borrowing money from friends to pay for gifts this holiday season.

hands covering a green car

3 types of auto coverage explained

Although auto insurance is one of the most common types of insurance out there, it’s also one of the most confusing. We help explain the three most common types of auto insurance coverages.

apartment for rent sign

Renters insurance vs. landlord insurance

Your home is where your stuff is. Do you have the right protection for your prized possessions?

A student on campus

Are college costs getting in the way of your education?

Over half of Americans who didn’t finish college or trade school say education costs were a barrier to their degree.

tips card being placed into wallet

Tips to know before you go abroad

Are you travel enthusiast at heart but concerned about keeping your money and identity safe? We’ve got some tips that will help you feed your inner wanderlust worry-free.


4 ways to help keep your car out of the shop

Avoid costly car repairs with these four simple tips. 

typewriter typing outdated

Outdated Advice

Times are changing, and so is the advice we should be sharing with our kids. 

Man driving car

How much car can I afford?

If you’re in the market for a new car, be sure to take these simple steps to help you determine how much car you can afford.

Woman lounging on couch

4 common myths of home insurance

There are a number of myths around home insurance. We weigh in on four common ones. 

man and woman reviewing budget

Meet Travis and Shelbi – siblings in the know

See how a brother and sister got real about life insurance.

A student reads

Back to school, back to debt: Americans worried about student loans

One third of Americans worry they may never be able to repay their student loans.

Leasing vs owning a car

These simple tips might help ease the pain next time you have to visit a dealership. 

man painting outdoors

When you should call a professional

Do-it-yourselfers need to know where to draw the line

graph of stock market index

Does the stock market reflect your personal financial situation?

The COUNTRY Financial Security Index survey asked Americans how they felt about the connection between the stock market and their personal financial situation.

A concerned couple reviews their finances.

One third of Americans still feeling pain of the Great Recession

The latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index survey finds 1 in 3 Americans still recovering from the Financial Crisis that began a decade ago.

women and her dog at a park bench

Let’s take a retirement test drive

With all of the retirement tips floating around, we know it can be overwhelming. There’s loads of information out there and different approaches you can take. We want to make it easy for you.

couple dancing in backyard

“Working Retirement” - Oxymoron or genius idea?

Start enjoying retirement before you actually retire. 

man and woman holding key to new house

How much should you spend on your house?

When putting a roof over your head, make sure you don’t get in over your head.

jar labeled emergency with money in it

How to build an emergency fund

Is your relationship with your emergency fund non existent?

person watching tv

5 things you might not know about renters insurance

You might not own your place, but you probably own everything in it. Is your stuff protected?

time to save

The early bird gets the worm

When it comes to retirement, saving more later doesn’t get you as far as saving less sooner. 

kids jumping on trampoline

5 less obvious reasons to check on your insurance coverage

Wait, you’re telling me my diamond engagement ring could affect my homeowners insurance? 

A father with his young son

Who do you trust for financial advice? Many ask dad.

The majority of Americans say they trust their father’s financial advice. How do you teach your kids about money?

digital footprint

A dozen ways to help erase your digital footprint

Are you worried about how much information you’re leaving on the internet?

Retirement savings jar with just a few pennies

A third of Americans fear the ability to retire -- but what are they doing about it?

The COUNTRY Financial Security Index found Americans are worried about affording retirement. But not enough are saving.

Smart social: strategy from our social guru

Interview with Hope Linker, our Social Media Strategist, for tips and tricks in dealing with social for small businesses. 

Do you know the difference?

Term vs Whole Life Insurance

We break it down for you. 

bride and groom figures next to a dollar sign

Survey says: A big wedding isn't worth it

The COUNTRY Financial Security Index survey asked Americans about how the value of big expenses have held up.

Woman gathers her tax forms

It’s tax time: what documents do you need?

Tax season is longer in 2017. But now is the time to get all your paperwork together while preparing to file.

Parents and their two children watching TV together at home.

Getting your money’s worth with subscriptions

The latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index survey asked Americans about the value they're getting from monthly expenses like cable tv and video streaming.

Unhappy girl with piggy bank

A generation gap in financial confidence

The latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index survey revealed a growing gap between Millennials and older generations when it comes to the sentiments of personal financial security.

Calculator and pen

Figuring out the “50-30-20 rule”

Having trouble with your budget? There's a formula for that.

Laptop on credit website

FAQs: Credit report vs credit score

#Adulting can be exhausting. Topics like what’s the difference between a credit score and report and why should I care can be confusing… until now.

Ladder coming out of debt

Four ways a 20-something can manage their debt

Young adults often have debt they don't understand and don't know how to get rid of.

Newlywed couple

Helping newlyweds bust through debt

Debt is a serious issue that continues to rise. Alex,
a personal finance blogger and money-saving queen, helps us out with some tips. 

Donation jar filled with coins

Would you like to donate to the (fill in the blank)?

Do you want to donate but don’t trust your money is going to get into the right hands? Before you give, check out some simple ways to make sure your donation is going to make an impact. 

Boy with

What's an 'A' worth?

In more than half of American households, students get more than a pat on the back for a good report card. Many “A” students are cashing in with good grades.

Man using tablet

Web marketing for your business

Business owners now have so many innovative ways to promote their products. Take a quick look at some of the ways you can utilize web marketing.

Savings jar for vacation

Budgeting for vacation

Everyone should escape their daily lives from time-to-time. Here's how you can budget for your next big adventure.

Newlywed couple

Planning your wedding on a budget

Can you have everything you want on your wedding day without spending all of your money? We think you can. 

Young girl reading

Top hidden college costs

Take a look at our list of hidden college costs so you can prepare your kid, and your finances, before you send them off to school.

College graduates

The most valuable college degrees

It's no secret that getting an education is expensive. After adding up tuition, room and board, books and supplies, the costs can seem frightening.

Decorative couch with side table

Creating a cozy living space

Just because you live in a small apartment complex, condo, or even a dorm room, doesn’t mean you can’t use your creativity and decorate a cozy, comfortable living space. A relaxing, decorated humble abode can put your mind at ease after a long day.

Painting a wall

Budgeting for home repairs

Every home will need some fixing up at some point. If you start saving for the large repairs ahead of time, it will help you keep your budget in check.  

Happy college graduate

Funding your college education

Because tuition and housing costs continue to climb, college may feel out of reach for many high school students and soon-to-be college students. However, there are ways to attend college without completely breaking the bank.

Woman writing at a desk

15 ways to be more financially secure in 2017

A new year can be a new beginning. We might make promises to ourselves to break bad habits, but how many of those New Year’s resolutions actually stick? When it comes to financial security, the biggest step is just getting started. 

Two piggy banks kissing

Talking money with your valentine

Relationship experts are quick to mention to couples that communication is key. This is especially true with finances. Do you talk about money with your significant other?

Girl working on laptop

Protect your identity during the holidays

More and more Americans are ditching big box stores for online stores where they can shop from the comfort of their homes. However, the convenience of shopping in your pajamas comes with a risk – identity theft.

Couple wearing Santa hats

Avoid a credit card hangover this holiday season

Many Americans are heading towards the holiday shopping season with a “celebrate now, pay later” mindset. It’s an approach that can find the joy of the season dampened by big bills in the new year.

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