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A small monthly payment could give you big peace of mind.
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by Sam Polczynski

What my internship taught me about: Renters insurance

Growing up, I heard my parents talk about auto, life or home insurance, but I never heard them talk about renters insurance. Once I started working for COUNTRY Financial®, I quickly learned I’m not alone. In fact, most renters either don’t know about it, or don’t think they need it.

But trust me, they do.

Since my mom and dad are about to cut me off and send me into the real world, I wanted to use my internship to learn about all things “adulting” as they relate to insurance.

So, I started my renters insurance mission with Jeremy Brewer, one of our underwriting gurus for home and renters insurance.

Our conversation went a little something like this:

Why would someone need renters insurance? To protect your stuff! Let’s say you experience an electrical fire. The landlord’s insurance will cover the repairs to the walls, ceiling and floors, but it won’t protect all your possessions ruined by the fire and smoke. That’s where renters insurance steps in.

Does renters insurance cover ALL my stuff? For high-dollar items, such as tablets or TV’s, you might want extra coverage to ensure you get the money you need to replace your valuables.

How much coverage do I need? Well, that depends! Sometimes, landlords will require a certain amount of coverage. But, it’s smart to estimate how much your stuff is worth and make sure your policy can cover that amount. Also, don’t forget to take an inventory of your belongings. Here’s how to do that in less than 10 minutes.  

Can I afford renters insurance? Absolutely! Renters insurance is affordable on most budgets. Monthly payments are about the same amount as a large pepperoni pizza and a side of cheesy bites.

After my conversation with Jeremy, I quickly reached out to a local rep and got a quote for renters insurance. The monthly payment I was quoted is a small price for the big peace of mind it’ll provide me…and my parents.

Because let’s face it, if all my belongings disappeared today, this college kid would not be able to replace them all.

Auto, home, and renter’s insurance policies issued by COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company®, COUNTRY Casualty Insurance Company®, or COUNTRY Preferred Insurance Company®. Life insurance policies issued by COUNTRY Life Insurance Company® and COUNTRY Investors Life Assurance Company®, Bloomington, Illinois.

This is not a statement of contract. For a complete description of all coverages, options, exclusions, and limitations, please refer to the policy.  Rates and coverages may vary by state. Please note that the information shown above is general. Policies are individually underwritten and there may be other factors and underwriting guidelines that affect the coverage on amount due.

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