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Tablet and phone with ChorePal app
Turn family chores into family fun
posted in: Family
by Kristin Smith

Teach your kids to save, share, and spend with our new app

Remember what things were like back in the day? When you had to save for that pair of designer jeans or the newest pair of hi-tops. There was no such thing as instant gratification. After a summer of lawn mowing and babysitting, you would walk into the store, toss those sweat stained dollar bills onto the counter, and walk out with something that was entirely yours.

And. It. Was. Amazing. 

Want your children to have that same feeling? ChorePal can help you with that.

ChorePal is a family focused app that helps your kids save, spend, or share their money while teaching them the value of a dollar and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Along with allowing you to create and assign chores to your kids, ChorePal lets you reward them with points or money towards tangible goals. They can be rewarded with a night at the movies, extra screen time, or the latest gaming system.

We’ve provided a modern way for families to work together to save for personal and family goals through daily household chores.

Visit or your phone’s app store to download today!

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