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Talk to your kids about staying safe
posted in: Family
by Jenna Allen

Easy ways to talk safety with your kids

We believe in protecting your family, and nothing is more important than your child’s safety, right? But the first step is having conversations with them. Lots of parents don't want to talk "what ifs" with their kids because they don't want to scare them. If you overcome your fears, you’ll decrease your kids’ fears.

Here are some ways to start the conversation. 

What if...there was a house fire?

  • Draw a map of your house, and ask them to draw the best way to leave the house. Repeat every few months so it stays fresh with them.
  • Keep spare blankets in easy to reach places, and make sure they know where to find them.
  • Tell them where the family meeting point is. This will be where you all re-group if there is ever an emergency. Practice gathering there as a group.
  • Let them know not to be afraid of firefighters - their equipment might look scary, but it's to keep them safe!

What if...there was a tornado?

  • If they're old enough, ask them what they've heard about tornadoes at school, and what their teachers have taught them.
  • If this is brand new to them, tell them what happens with "really bad storms", and where they should go (basement, storm shelter, etc.) Interior rooms are the safest, a bathroom with no windows, for example.
  • Have an emergency pack that you can leave in this place (torches, bottles of water, etc.), and tell them where it is.
  • Make sure they know to grab shoes to protect their feet in case glass breaks.

If your child is older, make sure you agree where to meet in an emergency situation:

  • Would they be safer to stay at school, or head home?
  • If they drive, are the roads safe for them to travel on?
  • If they are home alone, do they know what to do, how to get in contact?

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