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The Demierres agree there's no place like home.
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by Rick Halberg

Mother Nature can change your life in a hurry

Every time we leave the house, a small part of us worries about whether our home and possessions will be safe when we return. Dean and Frankie Demierre felt that same concern the day they left for a weekend camping trip.

After relaxing for about an hour at their campsite, a call from a neighbor shattered their tranquility. A storm tore the roof off their house.

They arrived home to find many of their belongings strewn into the field across the street, with the remainder under water from the torrential downpour that arrived after their roof was blown away. They lost just about everything.

But a panic-filled phone call to COUNTRY Financial quickly turned to reassurance. The Demierres were on track to move into a new home. Here is their story.

Your home is a major investment. Learn more about how to protect it.  

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