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Motivate your kids to do their chores.
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by Kristin Smith

More chores, please!

Having trouble getting your kids to do their chores, even when you use our ChorePal app? We’ve got some reward ideas that will have them asking you to add more to their list (or at least motivate them to do the ones they have).


Have a movie preview party

Is there a movie coming out that your kids can’t wait to see? Add it to their rewards and talk
it up! Devote a Saturday to all things related to the show. They’ll be so pumped to get their chores done you’ll have to think of more! Here are some ideas to get the party started.

  • Plan every meal around the movie theme.
  • Dress up like the movie characters.    
  • Get your tickets and go!

Say “no” to opposite day

Everyone loves to break the rules a little. Make opposite day a reward and then spend a day doing things a little backwards.

  • Have dessert for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.
  • Get dressed up…in your pajamas.
  • Say “no” when you mean “yes” and vice versa. Watch the hilarity ensue.

Let them paint

Awaken their inner artist! Set up a studio, and let their creative side go wild.

  • Give the kids oversized shirts to paint in.
  • Turn your garage into an art studio. Set up canvases and paint, and let the kids invite a friend.
  • Have them pick their favorite pieces to be framed for their room.

Need some more ideas? Check out this article on fostering your child’s imagination. We’d love to hear your tips too. Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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