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Father and son talking
Start talking to your kids about money today.
posted in: Family
by Kristin Smith

How to have an effective money talk with your kids

Having the “money” conversation with your kids can go in a lot of directions. Just for fun, we gathered some littles together and asked them what they like to do with their money. Check out what they said. Their answer will brighten your day.

By now, if you’re using our ChorePal app, or another chore reward system, you know they can spark conversations about ways to save, spend, and share money. So, we put together a few ideas to help you keep those conversations going.

Make it visual

  • Create a pie chart to help your kids decide how much of their earnings they want to put away, use, or donate.  

Ignite their passion

  • Research different charities together and help them find one they get excited about. Check out to find reputable charities.

Up the glee factor

  • We all love instant gratification. Help your kids make a list of small, inexpensive things they want right now.

How do you talk to your kids about money? Share your ideas in the comments!

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