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Make chores a group effort
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How to get your kids to help out around the house

Picking up around the house can feel never-ending at times. Having an extra set of hands can make all the difference. Here are some great ways to get your kids to help out – while still having fun!

Turn it into a game

Kids are more likely to help around the house when they feel like it’s not something they have to do, but something they get to do. Creating fun games for typical chores around the house will keep them coming back for more!        

  • Make it a competition by timing how long it takes them to put away as many toys as possible. You could also turn it into a timed scavenger hunt for everyday items that typically need to be picked up around the house. This will motivate kids to get the job done right away.
  • Matching socks doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Set up baskets at different distances and assign points to each one. To earn points, your kids will have to match the socks and toss into the basket.

Keep the tasks do-able

For kids to get the job done, they should understand what they have to do. That’s why keeping the chores age-appropriate is important. Your kids will build self-confidence with each task they complete properly for you.

  • Younger kids will love to use kid-sized tools to help around the house. Take the middle sections out of a Swiffer and you’ve got the perfect floor-cleaner for your little ones.

Reward them

Praising your kids for a job well-done is so important. Rewarding for good work instead of punishing for a lack of effort will associate helping around the house with positivity instead of negativity. A reward doesn’t always have to be an allowance, either.

  • Grant your kids access to the Wi-Fi password for the day after they’ve finished a list of jobs you want them to do. They will be sure to get them done quickly.
  • After a few weeks of helping around the house, let your kids decide on an activity as their reward. Give them options like seeing the latest movie in theaters, going to the zoo, or even just eating at their favorite restaurant – with dessert, too.

Teach them how to work towards a goal

Setting and achieving goals is a valuable lesson your kids can learn in so many ways – even just from helping around the house. That’s why incorporating ways to make it fun is just as important.      

  • Create a “chore card” that lists appropriate jobs for your kids to do over a period of time. As they complete each task, have them punch a hole in the card next to the task they completed. After 10 punches, reward them with a small prize.

Make it family time

Your kids will enjoy helping around the house much more if it means spending time with you! Join them in picking up the toys, doing the laundry or emptying the dishwasher and it becomes extra time out of your day spent together.

  • Spend the morning picking up the house together by making it a cleaning relay. By having fun with it, your kids will have the energy and motivation to keep cleaning.        
  • While you clean together, play their favorite tunes and pretend like you’re performing at a concert as a band! 

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