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De-clutter your space to decrease stress
posted in: Family
by Jenna Allen

How to de-clutter your home

Simplifying your life doesn’t have to be stressful, although it might feel like an uphill battle at first. Use our tips below to get started, and see what you can accomplish!

Start small. A shelf, a drawer or a cupboard. Ask yourself, do you really need that many spices? When was the last time you used that dish? Do you need 25 plastic containers for your small family?

Sort your tech. If any of your electronics are broken, out of date or you’ve moved on, they are safe to throw out. Sort through charging cables and if you can’t match them up to electronics you use, get rid of them. There are sites where you can easily sell used electronics, like Gazelle and Nextworth, if you feel guilty parting with gently used tech.

Only keep what makes you happy. If the waffle iron you got last Christmas and have never used makes you feel guilty every time you see it, is it worth keeping? Probably not. But if your cookbooks make you feel happy every time you look at them, they might be.

Get green. Recycle magazines you’ve read, old bills and receipts for items you don’t plan on returning.

Don’t stop once you’re started. If your plan is to tackle your whole house, let your momentum in one area carry you on to the next. 

Be realistic in what you keep and how much time you devote to de-cluttering. It can easily snowball into an entire afternoon or day of work, when you really only meant to work on your sock drawer. But if you have the time (or need to make time), carve out a few hours over your weekend to dedicate to your de-cluttering agenda, and then stick to your task. Good luck!

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