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Mom and son on iPad
Downloading the ChorePal app today will help them plan for tomorrow.
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by Valerie Hawkins

How I taught my 3-year-old about money

I was working at the kitchen table one morning while my three-year-old was finishing up his breakfast. As I typed away, answering as many emails as possible before 8 a.m., my little guy asked if he could have a turn on my computer.

I explained to him laptops weren’t toys, and if soggy cereal was dumped on it, it would cost a lot of money to replace. And then my sweet, little man responded:

“Well just work more and make more money. Then you can buy a new one!”


Is this what I’ve instilled in my child? The more you work, the more money you have, and then you can break your toys because you can just buy new ones?

Double ugh.

It’s time to teach this child the value of a dollar. He may not be able to count to 20 or pee on the potty, but dog gonnit he was going to learn what earning, saving and spending money was all about.

Enter the ChorePal app.

I already had the app downloaded, but hadn’t started using it with my toddler. I started adding simple chores I knew he could handle and assigning monetary values to each one: 

Then it came time for creating rewards. I added things I knew he would be psyched out of his mind for, like:

Explaining this new system to my three-year-old was much easier than I thought. I explained his chores. He got it. I showed him his rewards. He loved it. I explained how to use the app. He navigated it better than I did.

After three weeks of “playing the ChorePal game,” my little guy earned enough to cash it in for his first reward. And something amazing happened.

“Mommy, if I spend my $10 now for the basketball, I’ll have to start all over for my next toy! That’s a lot of work!”


The ChorePal App did in three weeks for my toddler, what I’m sure some adults my age are still trying to figure out. My buddy chose to save his money, work harder, and get that dinosaur he’d been eyeing for quite some time.

Sometimes a task can seem so overwhelming, you don’t know where to start. Yes, potty training, but currently there’s no app to do that for me. Or is there!?

By taking a simple step of downloading the ChorePal app, I could use that to have a conversation with my three-year-old son about the value of a dollar – a lesson that will follow him for years to come.  

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