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So. Much. Stuff. Here are some gift ideas to pass along to the grandparents that are not toys.
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by Christy McFarland

Skip the stuff with these 5 gift ideas (psst, they’re NOT toys)

My sister and I have an understanding when birthdays and holidays roll around. We gift each other’s kids experiences instead of stuff.

It’s not that we’re not grateful for the toys we have or the toys our kids receive as gifts, but if you’re a parent – I’m sure you understand the struggle. There’s just not enough room for the toys these kids accumulate!

In fact, we plan on teaching our son very soon about the value of donating toys to those less fortunate to make room for – you guessed it – more toys we’re bound to receive over the next several years.

If you’re reading this as an aunt, uncle, grandparent or friend of someone with young kids at home, and you’re worried your “experience” gift will fall flat with the kiddos – don’t! I can tell you with the upmost confidence, my son talks more about the memories he makes going out and experiencing life than he does playing with his toys at home.

So what are some examples of experiences you can gift instead of toys?

Here are five to get you started.

1. Bowling gift certificate. Bowling can add up quick after the cost of renting shoes and buying snacks. A bowling gift certificate could help make a trip to the bowling alley a reality!

2. Movie theater gift card. Pro tip: before you purchase Fandango or a similar universal movie theater gift card, make sure their local theater accepts it. I’ve run into times where I actually had to purchase gift cards for their actual movie theater since it didn’t accept Fandango.

3. Tickets to local sporting events. This could be anything from professional or semi-professional sports teams to college sports teams. 

4. Concert tickets. Disney on Ice, kid’s concerts… the list goes on and on. Check your local community calendar for a list of
upcoming events!  

5. Mini golf gift certificate. Just be sure to time this one appropriately if you live somewhere with cold winters. The kiddos might not understand having to wait several months before they can use their gift!

We’d love to hear from you!
What experiences have you gifted instead of toys? Let us know in the comments!

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