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Budget Halloween costume
posted in: Family
by Valerie Hawkins

DIY Halloween costumes on a dime

If you’re a busy parent on a budget, like me, chances are you still need to coordinate your family’s Halloween costumes. You're probably also looking for ways to save some money for your financial future.

Don’t get spooked, get started!

We’ve compiled a list of costume ideas using items you likely have laying around the house, so they’re simple to assemble and easy on the pocketbook.

Static Cling

Throw on your comfiest t-shirt, pin some socks to it, and wah-la! A free, yet super clever Halloween costume that will also help you tidy up your laundry room.

Talk about a win-win!

Bulletin board

Who doesn’t have a million sticky notes around the house? No? Just me?

Either way, put on a t-shirt and stick some reminders to yourself for an instant bulletin board! You’ll get to trick-or-treat while keeping your to-dos top of mind – a multi-taskers dream! #amiright

Pumpkin pie

It’s pumpkin season, so you might as well glue a pumpkin to your head!

Print out a “pi” sign, cut it out, and use double sticky tape to attach it to an orange tee. Adorable and affordable. 

Ceiling fan

Give me a C! Give me and E!

Dust off your pompoms and add a few stickers to a plain tee for this easy yet fun costume. 

Pig in a blanket

If you don’t have a pig nose and ears laying around the house, you can find them at your local Halloween store for less than $10.

Add your favorite blanket and you’ll be bound to get an extra piece of candy…or two.

What are some other DIY Halloween costumes? Tell us below or share your photos with us on Instagram using #HolidaysAtCOUNTRY.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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