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Smiling girl with missing tooth
The price of a tooth is on the rise.
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by Kristin Smith

Collecting teeth and taking calls

Over the last decade, the Tooth Fairy has lost her luster. Kids used to wriggle with anticipation as they placed a lost tooth under their pillow, the excitement over what they would receive in exchange making it hard to sleep. These days, kids seem more focused on how much the Tooth Fairy left them, barely registering the magic behind the legend. Each year, parents attribute more value to the cost of a single tooth, leaving the Tooth Fairy in a bind. In an effort to help all parents find common ground when it comes to what the Tooth Fairy leaves behind, we decided to go straight to the source.

Confessions of a tired Tooth Fairy (as told to Kristin Smith)

When the young ones begin to lose a tooth,

They wiggle, they pull, they ask “Is it loose?”

They know a loose tooth can mean only one thing,

I’ll pay them a visit and then cha-ching!


At night, sweet children settle into bed,

With their newly lost teeth safe under their heads.

They drift off to sleep, knowing I’ll slip in unseen,

To collect all their teeth and leave them some green.


Alas, each year, their expectations grow,

And the magic of my visits have lost their glow.

I’ve pleaded with parents, go back to the basics,

A quarter, fifty cents, a dollar will make it.


But as inflation rises and my account balance falls,  

I’ve taken a day job where I answer phone calls.

So parents, I’m asking you, just one more time,

Help a gal out, throw me a line.


Let’s teach kids to budget by leaving a dollar,

Or really go crazy and leave something smaller.

Help them remember, it’s not about money,

The Tooth Fairy is magic and cooler than that bunny.

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